Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plus Size Spring Trends on Twin Cities Live

I loved yesterday's segment on Twin Cities Live - although my day job kept me from participating (dang it!) I tuned in online to see what Sara Rogers, Trend Expert at Mall of America, had to share on spring trends in plus sizes.

*Side note - I want to give credit to the producer on this segment, Kelli. The modeling agency the show worked with sent over two models who were not plus size.  Rather than going ahead and including them in the segment, Kelli asked me to reach out to a few plus size models I know to see if any of them were available. So often - too often - retailers and the media try to pass off straight size women as plus sized.  The fact that Twin Cities Live doesn't buy into that is just one of many reasons I love being part of their show.
Click the picture to watch the segment.

Sara brought in four models, each dressed from a different store at the Mall of America: Nordstrom, Forever 21+, Macy's and Torrid. I love that, instead of pulling looks together from one plus sized store, she showed the range of styles and stores that are carrying plus sizes.

My favorite trends from the segment included:
  • Anorack jacket - I bought this style of jacket, myself, a few weeks ago and love to pair it with dresses and skirts. It adds a dose of casual chic to any outfit.
  • Embelllished neckline - Makes getting dressed so easy! No need to accessorize when the sparkle is already built in to a dress or top.
  • Turquoise - Such a crisp, lush color for spring; it looks amazing on most skin tones, too.
  • Pattern mixing - Pairing different patterns in similar colors/scale is a really fun way to show a little style savvy.


  1. Way to go Twin Cities Live! I cannot do pattern mixing, I usually gravitate towards solids, but to celebrate spring I am wearing a patterned top today!

    1. Way to go with the patterned top, Katie! A terrific way to welcome spring (whatever that means here in MN!)

  2. I loved, loved that Calvin Klein dress! I'm going to do a pattern mix this week. It will be fun. I enjoy that trend. Thanks for sharing!


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