Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Everyday Model - Luxe Bridal Couture

Ok, it's not everyday that I get to play model - but that's what I did this past Sunday. I modeled a gorgeous plus size wedding gown for Luxe Bridal Couture in the Twin Cities Bridal Show's runway fashion show. Luxe is a multiple "Best of" award winner in the bridal industry, and is a destination for plus size brides all over the country who want a first-class experience in saying yes to their dress. I'm always happy to lend my time to something that Luxe has going on - especially when it includes getting glammed up for a few hours.

I call Luxe's owner, Shayna, the plus size wedding dress whisperer,
because she knows exactly what will look great on every figure.

Bridal trends for spring 2014 are more soft and romantic than in seasons past. Although structured column dresses are still popular (and very wearable by plus size brides!), I noticed that gowns are not covered in head to toe bling and sparkle. Instead, embellishment is more precise-  along a strap or on a belt. I like this use of sparkly accents to define a waist or call attention to an open neckline. 

Check out the details on these dresses- lace, tulle and ruching. All gorgeous!

Luxe's lineup of models featured a variety of sizes, shapes and dress styles.

For as much fun as it is to slip into a wedding gown, I was all about the makeup. I had a nice chat with the makeup artist who applied my look, and she let me poke through her kit to see what kinds of products she uses. 
I'll take one of each of these palettes, please!

The look that the makeup artists were instructed to give each model was, oddly, not at all spring-like: dark smokey eyes, super contoured cheeks and dark plum lips. However, the makeup artists that I spoke with all agreed that this spring's bridal beauty trends will include a strong brow/lots of lashes combo, a soft smokey eye created with light purple and gray shadows. 

Check out this segment from Twin Cities Live to hear more about what I learned - and how you can apply a few of those trends to your makeup this season (bride or not!). 

Are you getting married this spring? If so, tell me what your makeup will be like!

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  1. What an awesome experience! I'm getting married in Fall & I have no idea what to do with my makeup!! All I know is I'll definitely be rocking some false lashes :) Great post!


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