Thursday, January 9, 2014

Moisturizing Products for Hair, Skin and Nails

As a Minnesotan who laughs in the face of the Polar Vortex (can we all please stop talking about how cold it is??), I consider myself an expert on how to keep my hair, skin and nails from literally peeling away thanks to excessively dry weather.  Here are the products that keep everything moisturized and happy all season.

Epitome Skincare Lip Treatment
Once lips chap, it can be hard to get them back in shape. The Lip Treatment from Epitome Skincare masterfully handles chapped lips and prevents them from getting out of control in the first place. The secret to its chap-busting power is that this treatment doesn't contain mineral oil.

Side note: Mineral oil locks in existing moisture but does nothing to add moisture to skin that needs it (so keep that in mind if your lip balm doesn't seem to help).

Formulated with peptides, natural avocado oil and a vitamin blend, this stuff makes my lips look and feel plump and soft. There's a slight orange citrus scent that's really uplifting. Something of a splurge at $15, one tube will get you through most of the season.

Nivea Hand Cream
Static electricity has my hair standing on end, especially once I pull off the very necessary knit hat that's essential to keeping my head warm when outside. I carry this little tin of Nivea hand cream around with me, and it serves dual purpose.  This travel size tin tucks into a purse or a pocket; the thick consistency is easy to work with. Instead of a runny lotion, this cream is pliable so you can  rub it between your fingertips, then onto the ends of your hair.  I also massage the cream into my hands and cuticles after washing them to soothe chapped skin. I picked this up at Target for $1.
Aveeno Skin Relief Shower and Bath Oil
Like a lot of men, my husband Dan doesn't like to slather on body lotion - even when it's entirely necessary! So I stock our shower with ultra-moisturizing products that soothe our skin while we get clean. We can't be without Aveeno's Skin Relief Shower and Bath Oil. This product has a very light almond scent and goes on your skin after cleansing with your favorite soap. Rub it into wet skin, but don't rinse off.  Instead, use your towel to pat the oil into your skin. This hydrates well enough in the shower that lotion afterward can be optional.  The oil can be hard to find, but I've had good luck at Wal-Mart and Target ($8.99).
Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Anti-Aging Mist                                        I found this fantastic toning spray after asking my go-to skincare guru, Becky Sturm of StormSister, for a recommendation. Intelligent Nutrients is a terrific brand that's completely (and I mean completely) dedicated to creating skincare, haircare and aromatherapy products that are good for you and good for the environment. I spray my skin with the mist after cleansing, and I love the way it makes my face feel instantly soft and smooth. It's packed full of moisturizing ingredients, and it helps my serum sink in and take hold better than without. I skeptically asked Becky what makes this toning spray anti-aging -  it's the Intelligent Nutrients proprietary Intellimune blend of  anti-oxidant fruit and vegetable seeds that combine to fight free radicals, decrease inflammation and increase cell protection and regrowth. Super impressive and worth the cost - I bought mine from StormSister, prices range from $18.-$35.  
Now I want to hear your secrets  - what products are you using to stay moisturized and healthy?


  1. A new find for this winter were the great lotion and lip balm from Miel Duluth - Who can resist locally-made, natural skin care products?

  2. I love the Nivea Cream. I read once that it is only one ingredient away from being the same as LaMer face cream (you know the super expensive stuff). If you can find it "Made In Germany" it is supposedly exactly the same. Unfortunately, I've only found the "Made in Mexico" stuff. I still love it though!

  3. I've been researching body oils and will have to try this one out! Thanks!

    -Autumn, blog newbie!

  4. Nivea stuff never really worked for me, but I have a tin of it left so I can try it on my hair. I have really dry hands, so it is difficult to get the right moisturizer sometimes.


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