Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Plus Size Style - As Seen on Twin Cities Live

This post includes affiliate links; the Kayla dress was given to me by Sealed with a Kiss Designs. All opinions are my own.

I hope you all had a terrific weekend, and for those of you who joined me in having Monday off...hope you took advantage of that extra day! I spent Monday running to a meeting at church, then going over to the Twin Cities Live studios for a beauty segment. The topic? How to ease your tween into makeup. We had three girls between the ages of 10-13 come in, and I demonstrated the progressive approach that I recommend for getting younger girls into makeup application.

Click the photo to watch the segment
I really liked my outfit - it was a combination of old and new pieces, and a variety of light layers since it's so freaking cold here in Minnesota, right now. (Ok, always).
The charcoal gray dress underneath is a sleeveless, cotton piece that was given to me by Sealed with a Kiss Designs. It's a terrific layering piece and is a great anchor for adding color. The green cardigan is an old favorite from Avenue, and I wanted a pop of color by my face - accomplished with a chartreuse necklace from Patina.

I'm wearing black leggings from SWAK (which I purchased) and my black knee-high boots from Jessica London. The wide belt came with a different dress that I bought from SWAK. All in all, it was comfortable and worked well on camera. Another fun day on set!

If you're interested in doing some shopping at Sealed with a Kiss, save 15% on your order through 1/30/14 by using coupon code SWAKSALESAS.


  1. Aw! This segment makes me wish I had a little girl so I could show her these tips!!

    And you? Stunning and adorable as usual. LOVE the chartreuse with the charcoal, not a combination I have seen before but it works amazing!

  2. It was so much fun to spend a little time with each girl and teach her a few things! I should have showed a close up of my manicure because it's the exact same color as the necklace (unintentional, but still kinda cool!)

  3. I think when they give the human growth and development "talk" every year, Sara this should be shown as well!! As a middle school teacher I see ALL kinds of WOW that's a lot of make up moments. Super segment! Come to my class?? ;)

    1. I would love to do more with younger girls - teaching them how to use makeup to enhance, rather than to hide behind :)


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