Monday, January 6, 2014

Best Outfits of 2013

I've been reading a lot of Best ________ of 2013 lists lately and thought I would put together one of my own. I went back and looked at all the Everyday Bombshell posts in 2013 and picked my best outfits of the year (according to me, anyway!). Drumroll please....

Personal trends of the year - I'm still pretty committed to belts, especially over a cardigan or any other article of clothing that's loose or shapeless. Animal prints spoke to me as did the color raspberry pink. And I must remember to pattern mix a little more in 2014!


  1. Not a single pair of pants! I feel you on that. Hope you're staying warm today!

  2. I only had one or two outfits on the blog with pants last year...and they definitely weren't my favorites - ha! Just ran some errands so I could say I'd been out in -35 temps, and now am not leaving again until April. :) Stay warm Sarah!

  3. You went out??!! You are brave! I told Mike there wasn't a chance in you know what you would find me outside! Yikes!!

    I love your belted looks -- where do you find your favorites?

    1. I've been home for an hour and am STILL cold! Won't be doing that again. Dan can't quite believe that school was cancelled today and tomorrow!

      My favorite belts have come from the Lane Bryant Outlet store. Not sure why, but I always seem to find good ones there.


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