Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bombshell Beauty on TV- Music Festival Must-Have's

Yesterday was all about another fun segment on Twin Cities Live (Twin Cities market ABC affiliate).  It was a pretty big day at the station because musicians Matt Nathanson & Eric Hutchinson were in-studio to give live performances.  I was there with four models to present a fashion show of Music Festival Must-Haves.  Let me just say that being a back-stage observer was, hands down, the best seat in the house.

My friends - Ann, Lauren, Jessica - and brother-in-law, Drew, were  models for the show.  We arrived at the studio and were ushered into the makeup room, right next door to the green room.  The green room is where Matt, Eric and their teams were set up, although we all kind of mingled and wandered around in the main hallway outside the studio.

Fun, close-encounters with the stars included stepping around Eric Hutchinson on my way to the bathroom (he and his assistant were ironing a shirt in the middle of the hallway).  And I powdered Matt Nathanson's nose...he thought, because we were in the makeup room that we were the designated studio makeup artists.  (The studio doesn't have a makeup team for Twin Cities Live).  When we told him we were just guests, not staff, he asked if anyone had any powder he could use on his shiny head.  So I whipped out my Bobbi Brown loose powder and gave him a good dusting.

Both Matt and Eric were very nice, down to earth.  Eric seemed more reserved, although just as friendly as the more ebullient Matt.  So, there you have it - Bombshell Beauty's insights on the stars.  What?  Oh, Entertainment Tonight is calling?  They want me to be a regular guest host, with all my inside knowledge?  Sure!

Entertainment Tonight is not, actually, calling me.  For the record. 

And what of the fashion show?  It was fun, as usual.  I loved showcasing a variety of models - from plus size to straight size, even throwing in a guy.

My Outfit:
Black ruffled shrug- Lane Bryant
Pretty Cami- Sealed with a Kiss Designs
Jeans- Avenue
Jewel buckle belt- Gap Outlet
Wedge sandals - B.P (Nordstrom Rack)

Special thanks to my clothing sponsor, Sealed with a Kiss Designs, for providing me with the Pretty Cami in orange.  A thank you also goes out to my hair sponsor, Terrace Hair/Neon Beach.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Everyday Bombshell- Interview Attire

I went on a job interview today - or what I like to call a "professional blind date."  Doesn't interviewing always feel that way?  You're trying to get to know the company, they're trying to get to know you - you're both trying to get a feel for whether or not you'd be compatible.  I think interviewing is fun because it's always interesting to meet new people.

Equally fun - figuring out what to wear on that interview.  I was meeting with a company whose culture is pretty laid back and casual, so I  knew this outfit would be a little dressier than what everyone else was wearing.  I wanted to convey respect for the company and the fact that they were meeting with me, plus show my personality.  Here's how I did it:

I picked up this Rafaella Woman sheath dress at Macy's a few weeks ago.  It was buried in the clearance section, and at the extremely reduced price of $19.99 I knew it would be a terrific addition to my work wardrobe. I love the classic fit and style, amped up with a panel of red material down the back.   It fits a little loosely in the middle, so I cinched my waist with a corset belt from Torrid.  Gunmetal accessories from Lia Sophia were the perfect finishing touches.  The shoes are from Jessica London.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Everyday Bombshell

I checked out the iconic St. Paul Festival, Grand Old Day, for the first time a couple weeks ago.  The festival has been going on since the 1970's; and I've lived in downtown St. Paul for eight years...but have never been to the G.O.D before.  It might be safe to say that I've purposely avoided the festival.  I have Golden Girls tendencies that keep me from enjoying events that combine crowds and children's activities and beer gardens.  

I know.  I'm only 32.  I should not be the old lady yelling at kids to get off the grass, yet.  So in an effort to be more Blanche than Sophia, I put on a cute outfit and joined the fracas.  I mean, the fun. 

I absolutely loved wearing this outfit - from the black and white zebra print tank, which was flowy and cool enough to wear out in the sun all day - to the touches of hot pink, which could not be more Bombshell-riffic.   I spent my first Grand Old Day with fun friends, listened to a danceable band, and did not hate my first (albeit last) experience with the festival.  

The Outfit:
Britney Tank - c/o Sealed with a Kiss
Jeans- Avenue
Pink patent flip flops- Payless
Pink flower pin - Lily Star
Silver bangle bracelets- Karma
Silver leaf earrings- Forever 21

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dove Followers Campaign

I've long been a fan of Dove, both their products and their commitment to increasing the self-esteem of young girls across the world.  The latest installment in their efforts to bolster the young women in our communities, Dove is launching an initiative called Dove Movement for Self Esteem.

Dove wants to build a community of supporters who champion the idea that everyday women should be role models for young women - not movie stars or super athletes, models or other cultural ideals.  Young women should be able to identify the real role models in their lives.  And we should all step up to be that model for the young women in our lives.

I've been fortunate to have many strong role models in my life - my parents & grandparents; my friends Zach and Jackie who are amazing parents; female executives under whom I've worked.  Thanks to their influence, I was able to grow up (and continue to grow) into the kind of woman I want to be.

One reason I started writing Bombshell Beauty was to provide women of all ages with a resource where they could see someone relatable, looking good and feeling great.  I won't be so audacious as to say I set out to be a role model, but if that's been the case at all - then I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

Join in the conversation on Dove's Facebook page - share the story of your role model, or simply click and watch the videos of other women who are sharing theirs.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Everyday Bombshell

One of my favorite summer looks is the combination of ultra-casual ribbed tank tops with a swishy skirt and sparkly accessories.  It's the perfect way to dress up a little without sacrificing the quintessential laid-back vibe of summer.  

The Outfit:
Black tank & white tank - Gap Outlet
Coral skirt- Talbots
Gold gladiator sandals - Avenue 
Three tiered necklace- Patina Stores
Flower ring - Lane Bryant
Gold cuff bracelet- Forever 21

Friday, June 1, 2012

Maurices Ups Their Plus Size Game

Happy Friday, Bombshells!  I've had the type of morning where glasses are leaping out of my cupboards, meeting a shattery death on the kitchen floor; and my apt building's fire alarm went off while I was in the shower.  All-in-all, pretty exciting.  Equally exciting (ok, more so than broken glasses and fire alarms): this new dress that I got from Maurices

Belted Abstract Tube Dress, Available up to Size 28. Belt included.

It's really cute, isn't it?  The dress features one of the latest trends right now: an uneven hemline.  The back of the dress is longer than the front, a design element that's been all over the pages of InStyle and People Style Watch.  

I like the watercolor print, in particular - it feels very "Sitting on the patio with a glass of wine, watching the sunset."  I've also tossed a long cardigan over the dress, slipped on a pair of casual flip flops and worn it to run errands at the Farmer's Market.  You know I love versatility!  

My clumsy attempt at showing you the longer back hem.  
Lizzie Miller, I am not.

The last time I checked in on Maurices, I couldn't find anything that suited my style.  Everything skewed young and small towney.  

I can call something small towney because I come from a small town.  One where we actually had a Maurices - before they carried plus sizes.

But after seeing what they have to offer now - trendy though not too young, tops and tees, pants, skirts, dresses ranging in price from about $25-$60 - I'm definitely more interested.  And this dress is quickly on its way to becoming my summertime favorite.  So although Maurices sent this dress to me to review for you, I can see myself making a purchase in the future.  

One thing to note- their sizes run smaller than what you might be used to in other plus size stores.  I wear a Lane Bryant 18 - but had to order this dress in a size 2 (22/24).  Be sure to check your measurements against their size chart before ordering.  
Have you tried Maurices lately?  What did you think?