Friday, May 25, 2012

Everyday Bombshell - TV Edition

I've quickly learned that doing live fashion and beauty segments on TV is a lot of fun - but the focus is always on my models.  I'm always more concerned with how they're feeling (my models are not professionals, they're friends and acquaintences) and how they look before the cameras roll.  But at the same time, I definitely want to look great, too!

So I really appreciate that Sealed with a Kiss has become a clothing sponsor for the segments.  Their team sends me clothes in which I'll look current and on-trend, but still like myself.  It helps me feel more confident when I step in front of the camera. (Thanks, SWAK!)

Since we did a swimwear segment, I wanted to look beachy but a little glamorous- just like my models.  Between the Evangaline maxi dress and my own gold accents from (top to bottom) Lane Bryant, Forever 21 and Lane Bryant...I think it all worked.   Oh, and my manicure is Strawberry Margarita by O.P.I. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Twin Cities Live-Plus Size Swimwear

Today, I was joined on the Twin Cities Live set by three terrific models to go over tips and tricks for choosing the perfect swimsuit.  Let's face it - 1% of women actually enjoy being in a swimsuit. I'm not even talking just about plus size women.  Size 2 or 22, it's  not anyone's favorite thing to wear, right?  I hope you don't waste too much time feeling self-concious in your swimsuit, and I certainly hope that you don't avoid all the summer activities that call for a swimsuit just because you don't want to wear one.  Because with all the terrific options on the market right now, there's no reason for that.

I didn't wear a swimsuit in the TV segment today, so I wanted to show you my favorite look right now.  It's a really cute halter style - which is a great option for women who have a smaller bust and don't need a lot of support.  I like my shoulders, so the halter helps bring attention to that area.

Swimsuit - Avenue, sometime this past December 
Avenue has really cute styles that fit very well.

Check out this TV segment to get the inspiration flowing, then scroll down to see where I've found the best suits.  Let me know in the comments which styles of suits you're excited about this season.

 Thanks to Sealed with a Kiss for sponsoring my outfit for the segment. 
 I'll show you all the details of what I wore tomorrow!

Best Suit to Wrangle a Large Bust/Create Some CleavageColorblock Swim Tank with Built-in Plunge Bra from Lane Bryant.  This style from Lane Bryant is a double winner- it handles all types of bust concerns.  LB has several styles that feature the built-in bra, which I absolutely love.  It looks terrific and feels comfortable.  You choose the suit not by clothing size, but by bra size.

Best Selection of Retro StylesAlways for Me.   A lot of Bombshells are interested in throw-back styles, and I really like the selection at Always for Me.  You'll find classic silhouettes in modern prints - the best of both worlds!

Best Ultra-Glam OptionsMonif C.  This designer turned the plus size world on its head last season when she introduced her now-signature sexy swimwear.  And she single-handedly inspired the plus size bikini trend that's all the rage this year.   These suits are perfect for the Bombshell who's more interested in sitting next to the pool than diving in and getting wet.  Which I think is perfectly valid!

Best CoverupsBecca.  This new label just launched on the plus size scene this year, and I'm really into her coverups.  They're flattering and sheer, and with such a small offering, she has a nice variety of styles ranging from 2 kimono-sleeve pullovers to a pair of gauzy pants and a convertible strapless dress/skirt.

Here are a few other sources for cute suits at a variety of price points - gotta love all the options!
Old Navy
Swimsuits for All
Fashion Bug

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Everyday Bombshell

Sealed with a Kiss is a plus size brand that I've known and loved for a couple years, now.  So when I started making regular TV appearances, I thought it would be a great opportunity to partner with them as a clothing sponsor for those appearances.  (Thanks for agreeing, SWAK!)

Sarah, the Director of Marketing & Creative Development for SWAK, put together a package of their latest styles and sent it off to me...which, upon arrival, I excitedly tore into and tried everything on.  In the middle of the kitchen. 

Over the past week, I've been test driving the pieces that she sent me.  I wore the Sabrina Maxi Dress in Eggplant over the course of a long day.  I had two casual business meetings to attend, followed by Happy Hour with my girlfriends.  The dress worked perfectly for both!

 For business-meeting mode, I topped the dress with a long blazer from Talbots.

 Going Happy Hour casual was as easy as taking off the blazer. 

At 6' tall, I never expect maxi dresses to be long enough on me.  I was delighted to find SWAK's maxi actually touching the floor when I pulled it on!  If you're tall, you can trust that this dress will be a true maxi on you.  And if you're shorter, you'll need to hem it to the perfect length (or wear crazy tall shoes).   This is one of those perfect summer wardrobe staples. 

The Outfit:
Sabrina maxi dress- c/o Sealed with a Kiss
Boyfriend blazer- Talbots
Tree pendant necklace- Patina stores

Monday, May 14, 2012

NYX Product Review

Updated: I had to change my rating on the Xtreme Lip Cream...

After doing a massive clean out of my over-stuffed makeup bag, I spent several months using the same products day-in and day-out. The same five eye shadows. The same three eyeliners.  The same two blushes, and the same two  (yes, 2!!) lipcolors.   It was something of a makeup detox - essential in helping me get back to the basics, but also (let's be honest) a little boring.  Yes, I mastered four go-to looks and could slap them on in under three minutes...but my inner beauty product junkie yearned for more variety.  So I decided to branch out and try a few new products from the makeup line, NYX.

NYX products are available at Ulta and, sporadically, at drugstores like CVS. The full line is also available online at and (which is where I made my purchase, thanks to a 40% off sale). 

 NYX is a favorite of YouTube beauty gurus, so I thought it would be a fun line to dabble in.  I featured their Jumbo Eye Pencils (the brand's cult favorite) on Twin Cities Live - and stocked up on a few other items.  The results?  Hit and miss.  Here's what I liked and what I didn't.

5-Color Eyeshadow Palettes 

I ordered two of these palettes, one in I Dream of Jamaica and the other in I Dream of Barbados.  Upon swatching each of the shadows on my hand, I was struck by the fantastic color pay-off.  Every shade was well pigmented and felt very smooth.  After hearing a lot of great things about NYX eyeshadows, I was excited to see that they seemed to live up to their reputation.

I Dream of Jamaica (top - palette of neutral browns)
I Dream of Barbados (bottom - palette of shimmery grays/purples)

I worked with each of these palettes over the course of a week, trying different color combinations and varying whether or not I used an eyeshadow primer underneath the shades.  Each time, I created a gorgeous look that I loved...the shadows blended well and look beautiful.  For approximately 59 minutes.

Every single day that I wore these shadows, my handiwork mysteriously disappeared from my eyelids within an hour.  As in, it didn't look like they'd ever existed.  It was positively eery.  And irritating.  I don't have oily eyelids, and I've never experience anything like this.  Did I mention how irritating it was? Yeah.

Verdict:  Don't Like

Slide On Eye Pencil
I bought two Slide On Pencils, in Pretty Violet and Golden Bronze.  They're fantastic.  The staying power is impressive.  They're waterline safe.  These suckers do not budge, and the colors are intense. I'll be buying more of these liners.
 Pretty Violet- Top hand swatch
Golden Bronze- Bottom hand swatch
Verdict: Like

Xtreme Lip Cream
I bought one tube of Xtreme Lip Cream in a really punchy pink called Strawberry Jam.  The product is, as the name suggests, a cream.  It feels nice on the lips- a combination of gloss and lipstick.  The color payoff is intense.  Seriously, intense - which I loved.  It's a great way to achieve look-at-me lips, which is always trendy in the summertime.

Strawberry Jam

 I didn't love the way the product smeared all over my face.  Seriously, it wound up everywhere.  Not good.  So I blotted the cream down until it was almost just a stain - and then I didn't like the way it wore lips started to look patchy and weird as the color disappeared from the center and sides of my lips.

Verdict: Don't Like

Friday, May 11, 2012

Everyday Bombshell

Last week, I mentioned on Facebook that I'd bought a maternity dress at Target...not because I'm pregnant but because it was super cute and on super clearance.  Turns out, a lot of you have done the same thing (or at least considering doing it!).  I thought I'd show you the dress:

Cute, right?  I'm feeling a kind of beachy-casual vibe this season, and the tie-dye skirt works well with my nude lip and tousled hair (two things I've been experimenting with lately).  At the same time, the structured tank at the top of the dress fulfills my natural instinct to wear structured clothes.  Structured's the next big thing! 

The dress came with a self-tie belt, which I kind of hated, so I cut it out and can now swap in the belt of my choice. 

The Outfit:
Dress- Liz Lange Maternity at Target
Belt- Gap Outlet
Medallion necklace- Lane Bryant
Flower Ring - Lane Bryant
Blue nail polish - "Blue Collar" by Orly
Nude sandals- "Carrie" from Jessica London