Monday, July 9, 2012

Custom Stained Glass Jewelry - Review

Hello Bombshells!  Long time no blog, huh?  I've been on vacation for the past few weeks - first a trip to Nebraska to spend time with Grandma Ruth; then a week in a cabin on Ten Mile Lake with Dan.  It was rejuvenating and wonderful - and I'm sooo ready to get back into the swing of life.  What better way to ease back into regular chats with you guys than to tell you about a really cool jewelry designer whose creations were what I wore, non-stop, on my vacation?

Tyler Stained Glass Creations is the work of Mary, an entrepreneur who's built a business out of her love for crafting and a talent for working with stained glass.  I love supporting small business owners who take a leap and put themselves out there for the love of what they do.  And the fact that Mary's jewelry is unique AND affordable?  Perfect.

Mary sent me* three items - two were pieces I chose and the last was a complete surprise.

These were the two pieces I chose, and Mary encouraged me to customize them by picking any color of stained glass that I wanted.  She can use any color of stained glass that a customer wants, which is a really fun way to personalize a piece.  I went with orange for the leaf pendant & stuck with the turquoise (as shown) for the ring.  And for my surprise piece?  Mary sent:

Yes...$5.  Let me tell you - the quality of the jewelry is great, especially considering the extremely affordable prices.  I like the fact that every piece looks substantial, but is actually very lightweight.  For example, these earrings look like they would weigh a ton but are light as (uhm...) feathers.  No damage to your piercings from these babies!

I really like the pieces I've tried from Tyler Stained Glass Creations - and I already have a list of pieces that I plan to purchase for upcoming birthdays and Christmas for the women in my life.  And I'll show you in the coming weeks which outfits I've been accessorizing with my new jewelry.  

*The jewelry was provided to me, compliments of Tyler Stained Glass Creations.  The opinions are my own and are uninfluenced. 

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  1. This jewelry is so lovely. The leaf is darling.

  2. i've MISSED YOU, my favorite blogger! glad you had a great vacation with your Grandma.

    those filigree earrings are adorable! i really need to get some pieces that are unique, the stained glass jewelry is gorgeous and a great conversation starter.

    welcome back!

  3. Thank you so much - glad you both like my jewelry!

    Sara - I'm so glad you liked it all! :)


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