Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bombshell Beauty Flashback

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I am so incredibly fascinated by these retrospective views at what I wore during this same week a year ago, two years ago.  Do you ever take the time to look back at yourself like this?  It's...fascinating (to me, anyway).  My hair.  The things I loved and wore and may or may not still own.  I feel like a completely different person now than on this date (or roughly thereabouts) in 2011 and 2010.  These pictures conjure up memories, instantly, of what I was doing at these different points in my life.

Also?  It makes for incredibly lazy blogging.  I know.  You want new posts. I want new posts! They're coming.  But trust me, you would not be impressed by what I'm wearing at the moment: Yoga pants rolled up to the knee (because I just gave myself a pedicure) + Dan's old X Men tee shirt + a calming face mask from Mario Badescu.

I loved this skirt, more because it came from the Gap than because it was "me."
I was having a major Gap moment at the time. 

Looking back, there's nothing about this outfit that I love - except the Laura top from SWAK.
The pants, the shoes, the HAIR...just not me.  Although it was me, at one point.  Crazy!

I certainly don't intend for these flashback posts to be all, "Ew look what I liked back then!"  For the most part, they really aren't.  It's more about, again, the nostalgia and the feeling over seeing how I've evolved.   

So tell me - for you, what article of clothing either evokes nostalgia or has you slapping your forehead Homer-Simpson-style?

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