Monday, July 16, 2012

Bombshell Beauty Flashback

While perusing my closet this morning( feeling a little uninspired by its contents) I wondered aloud, "What was I wearing on this date last year?"  So I pulled up my blog and scrolled through my posts from this week in 2011 and 2010.  Here are the plus size outfits that I was wearing on the same date - July 13th:

 2011: I wore the hell out of that Gloria dress by Sealed with a Kiss!
2010: Ohhh, I loved that striped tee from Kohls. 

You know what?  I don't own any of the pieces that comprise these outfits anymore.  Not because I'm a plus size fashion blogger who cycles through clothes like crazy,  but because I wore each of them until they literally fell apart.  Except for the black high waisted skirt from 2010; that, I sold on eBay to raise money for my trip to Guatemala.  Wonder what I'll be wearing next year...How often do you retire clothes from your closet? 

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  1. well you look grab...not that much i have tons that for some reason i just stopped wearing them then when i "don't " have anything to wear i pull those clothes out and have a "new " outfit for the day!

  2. oopsie i meant to say "fab"

  3. Not often enough probably but I try to purge my clothing a couple times a year. When something new comes in, something old must, usually, go.


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