Friday, June 1, 2012

Maurices Ups Their Plus Size Game

Happy Friday, Bombshells!  I've had the type of morning where glasses are leaping out of my cupboards, meeting a shattery death on the kitchen floor; and my apt building's fire alarm went off while I was in the shower.  All-in-all, pretty exciting.  Equally exciting (ok, more so than broken glasses and fire alarms): this new dress that I got from Maurices

Belted Abstract Tube Dress, Available up to Size 28. Belt included.

It's really cute, isn't it?  The dress features one of the latest trends right now: an uneven hemline.  The back of the dress is longer than the front, a design element that's been all over the pages of InStyle and People Style Watch.  

I like the watercolor print, in particular - it feels very "Sitting on the patio with a glass of wine, watching the sunset."  I've also tossed a long cardigan over the dress, slipped on a pair of casual flip flops and worn it to run errands at the Farmer's Market.  You know I love versatility!  

My clumsy attempt at showing you the longer back hem.  
Lizzie Miller, I am not.

The last time I checked in on Maurices, I couldn't find anything that suited my style.  Everything skewed young and small towney.  

I can call something small towney because I come from a small town.  One where we actually had a Maurices - before they carried plus sizes.

But after seeing what they have to offer now - trendy though not too young, tops and tees, pants, skirts, dresses ranging in price from about $25-$60 - I'm definitely more interested.  And this dress is quickly on its way to becoming my summertime favorite.  So although Maurices sent this dress to me to review for you, I can see myself making a purchase in the future.  

One thing to note- their sizes run smaller than what you might be used to in other plus size stores.  I wear a Lane Bryant 18 - but had to order this dress in a size 2 (22/24).  Be sure to check your measurements against their size chart before ordering.  
Have you tried Maurices lately?  What did you think?


  1. I'm excited about this because I like Maurices. Great info!

  2. Stephanie GangerJune 2, 2012 at 12:44 AM

    I have had about half of their items run too large on me. Where I would usually wear a 2 I have to size down to a 1. Also the other way really depends on the cut of the item for me.

  3. Good point, Stephanie- the cut and fabric definitely influence what size will fit. What have you tried from there that ran large on you?

  4. I'm a 10 & some things in my size Run a little snug but I do have broad shoulders. I love Maurices clothes, both casual & dressy. I am a funeral director & have to dress up a lot so I find a great pair of dress pants & several different trendy tops I can mix & match. I don't have a Maurices close by anymore. I moved 200 miles from my hometown Where I was just 15 minutes from Maurices & made several visits there quite often. I would love to try out clothes for Maurices. I would be more than HAPPY to show them off & recommend them for others. I am a huge fan. I would love this trendy dress in my size.

  5. Just wondering if I am the only one who doesn't care for the wide belt look? Maybe it's because I can't pull the look off.. it makes my hips look enormous.. The dress is lovely and looks gorgeous on you.


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