Friday, May 11, 2012

Everyday Bombshell

Last week, I mentioned on Facebook that I'd bought a maternity dress at Target...not because I'm pregnant but because it was super cute and on super clearance.  Turns out, a lot of you have done the same thing (or at least considering doing it!).  I thought I'd show you the dress:

Cute, right?  I'm feeling a kind of beachy-casual vibe this season, and the tie-dye skirt works well with my nude lip and tousled hair (two things I've been experimenting with lately).  At the same time, the structured tank at the top of the dress fulfills my natural instinct to wear structured clothes.  Structured's the next big thing! 

The dress came with a self-tie belt, which I kind of hated, so I cut it out and can now swap in the belt of my choice. 

The Outfit:
Dress- Liz Lange Maternity at Target
Belt- Gap Outlet
Medallion necklace- Lane Bryant
Flower Ring - Lane Bryant
Blue nail polish - "Blue Collar" by Orly
Nude sandals- "Carrie" from Jessica London


  1. I wouldn't have known it was a maternity dress if you hadn't said anything. It is cute!

  2. I wouldn't have known it was a maternity dress if you hadn't said so. I love the colors!

  3. You look FABULOUS. I too have purchased a maternity outfit even though I have never had children. Just as I don't fixate on the size of an outfit, I do not hesitate to check out other departments. There is something to be said about menswear also!


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