Monday, April 16, 2012

Everyday Bombshell

You're going to start noticing a trend in my everyday outfits; jeans and heels.  Longtime readers know that, for a long time, I've not been a fan of jeans.  Or pants of any sort -I'm a skirt/dress kind of girl.  But I've found myself reaching for jeans more and more often, lately.  And nothing goes better with jeans than sky-high heels. 

Also?  I kind of wonder, What's the point?" if I'm not at least 6'4" tall.

I wore this outfit to a happy hour with the group of people with whom I went to Guatemala a few weeks ago.  It was a fun, festive evening!

The Outfit:
Black open cardigan- Avenue
Tropical printed tank top - Lane Bryant
Jeweled belt- Gap Outlet
Jeggings- Avenue
Wedge sandals - Nordstrom Rack
Pinecone necklace- Grandma Ruth


  1. Platform wedges and skinny jeans make me feel like a rock-star. I like the belted cardi!

  2. I completely agree, I'm 6'0" and the higher the heel the better!!! You look great, so glad to have you back :)


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