Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Everyday Mom

Sara’s Coming Home-Sara’s Coming Home- I Get To Go On A Date Night

I’m sure some of you are as excited that Sara will be back as the Colonists were frightened at “The British are Coming”.

I had a bunch more tid bits about bras - go for Lane Bryant’s combo bras & remove the straps permanently- I’m allergic to costume jewelry, which Sara thinks is cool & her Dad just thinks is expensive - mani/ pedis are great (the one thing I do enjoy in a salon) but they never do them right- my real dream when I grow up is to sell flip-flops on the beach, thus all the flip flop jewelry

Sara’s home and I’m going on a date. Red - the only color I ever used to have in my closet. It’s a casual date & the hot sun is going down, so the top's down and the jeans are on. However please know no one in this family would EVER GET IN A CAR WITH A DRINK OR DRIVE AFTER DRINKING IT. The glass of wine is a prop which will be consumed when I’m back in the house.

I need to thank Sara’s Dad - my husband - he has been a real trooper this week. For a guy who has maybe taken an average of 2 pictures a year during his 56 years he turned into a real fashion photographer. When he told me at one point he needed a better angle - well I still don’t know how to respond to that. He made me lunch one morning - that lunch bag has never weighed that much - I had enough lunch for the rest of the week. He picked out my nail polish - orange really? One night he suggested I might want to redo my hair - again I have no words for that remark - but you can guess what my thoughts were. And you know what he looked at me differently - like "Wow!" Thanks, Honey.

Mostly I’d like to thank my gorgeous daughter, who is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the out IF that is possible. She trusted me with her baby - I appreciate that. A better, more intelligent, more capable & caring woman you will never meet. Thanks, Sweetheart.

For those of you who stuck around for the week - thank you! You have no idea how much you mean to Sara. Go be the beautiful Bombshells you are - remember - it’s a state of mind.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Everyday Mom

Good Morning!

Yes I am wearing pajamas. Mostly because last night I was tired and ready to give up on being Sara’s fill in & jokingly told my husband the next thing I was putting on for him to snap a picture of were my pjs. Then I started thinking about all the things I really like to wear and realized pajamas are almost at the top of my list. What could be better - comfort and NO SHOES!

I’ve probably gone through more pajama styles than hair styles over the years (I really did hang onto that shag a little too long). Started with baby dolls as a young child & again in my teen years. Then I went for the night shirt until I couldn’t find any that didn’t have stupid things written on them. When we became empty nesters I turned to fancy night gowns - no matter how good they look they are impossible to sleep in with all that fabric twisting around all night.

Eventually I returned to the night shirt, except resorted to buying packages of three men’s crew neck white t-shirts! Worked great but what was I thinking? Yes ladies we need to dress for bed - it feels good! Why look good all day & hang out in sweat pants and a tee all night?

As you’ve probably already read I wear my makeup to bed (not to look good but because I’m too lazy to take it off) and yes I wear jewelry to bed - although hoop earrings are a definite no-no.

So dress for bed and get started early, surely the minute you walk in the door from work isn‘t too soon!

The Outfit
Pajamas - Croft & Barrow - Kohl’s
Sterling Flip Flop charm on close2yourheart necklace from Sara
Diamond Ring - my Mom’s from my Dad for their anniversary

Friday, May 27, 2011

Everyday Mom

Hello Summer!

Yeah it’s finally warm which makes me want to go to the lake, a pool party or better yet down ocean (lived in Baltimore for a few years & if I recall that’s how people referred to going to the beach). What I wouldn’t give to put on this outfit, head to Ocean City Maryland, stay in the pink Holiday Inn - ocean side of course- & take a walk on the beach; then head to the boardwalk for Thrasher fries with malt vinegar or gravy; then the Irish pub for crab legs; & of course a trip to the kidding casino where you actually walk out with some cool stuff for the money you’ve spent! Okay, sorry I got carried away -this is suppose to be about clothes.

This dress is actually a skirt. Very similar to the skirt Sara has shown several times but mine’s longer. The white sweater is great for staying cool but also takes the focus off all that bare skin.

Just add a flip flop Christmas ornament to your close2theheart necklace, throw on a pair of comfortable wedged sandals & you’re ready to head to the board walk where you can have fries & crab & play games & …..

Wish I’d thought to add a big hat. I love hats but people look at you funny (not sure why I care) when you wear them. But in the sun - they make sense. I burn incredibly easily so lots & lots of sun screenis a must which really ruins your makeup when you reapply (the one thing I do reapply). So why hasn’t someone come up with a spray that won’t make your face run? Last year I discovered Caribbean Breeze SPF 45 spray & SPF 70 Super Sunscreen lotion - they work! But I do not suggest waiting to buy them at a theme park - rather pricey! Hope Sara & Dan packed some for their trip down south.

The Outfit

Dress/Skirt - Chadwick’s
Sweater - hand me down(or since I’m the Mom is that up?)from Sara
Wedge Sandals - Payless
Yellow & Blue Flip Flop Ornament - Gift from Sara
Close2yourheart necklace

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everyday Mom

LBD - or Little Black Dress for those of you who don’t understand fashion language. Took me quite a while to figure out what that one meant, although I got OMG right away.

The LBD seemed to be something no closet could be without, so in December I bought two - finally wore the featured one on Easter Sunday. Not real fond of anything that comes above my ankles (thanks to really ugly legs with all these really ugly veins) so yes those are panty hose! Now I’m not even sure if they sell those horrible things anymore - the ones I’m wearing would no doubt be considered vintage since they’ve been in my “I don’t use this stuff but I might need it” drawer for at least eight years. Replaced the plain black belt with the light weight scarf that not only had the same color as the short waisted jacket, but also the bag (aka purse)that I happened to have all my stuff in that day.

Added the black low heels, my diamond cross necklace, emerald ring & it was off to church!

Sara, being the makeup junkie that she is, always tells you how she created her look and gives you a close up of that gorgeous face. WELL there will be no close up of this face and as to my makeup routine… get up in the morning, shower at which time I wash off the previous days makeup with a wash cloth & no soap.

Once out of the shower, a splash of as cold of water on my face as soon as possible (wakes you up & is suppose to close your pores or something) and pat dry.

Then it’s makeup time…cover my face & neck with Mario Badescu (don’t make me pronounce it) Chamomile Night Cream (when you’re this old night cream is necessary as a moisturizer & Sara said it was okay), Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation; a little (very old) Clinique Sheer Powder Blush called “Sugar Plum”, and Maybelline Stiletto Mascara. If I really don’t want to look washed out, I add a lipstick that will last ALL day cause you can bet I will not be reapplying anytime soon.

The Outfit
LBD - Lane Bryant - Clearance
Jacket - Lane Bryant - Not Clearance
Scarf - gift from Tom
Shoes - I don’t know but they feel like from a real shoe store
Cross Necklace - some Jewelry store as a final gift from my Mom’s estate
Emerald Ring - some place in New York on my 50th Birthday

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everyday Mom

Okay let’s get all the explanations and apologies out of the way right off the bat.

Sara’s on vacation & like all Moms I offered to help her out (okay I thought it would be fun) with her blog while she was gone.

I’m a 58 year old Mother of two, Grandmother of two & Mother-in law of two. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 37, almost 38 years and work for a non profit women’s organization, which of course means I work with 34 women of varying ages and two men.

I’m not sure which of the above made me grey but my hair remains grey because I think I look worse with the outgrowth (Sara’s vocabulary- I would just call it the grey streak) plus I have absolutely no patience when it comes to sitting in a salon. And THEN I found out I don’t even know how to make a salon appointment: Last Christmas I thought a few low lights would be a good idea, so when I called they asked if I wanted a partial or full wrap. I thought that was rather a stupid question because if I’d wanted all my hair done I would have simply requested a color. Little did I know that a partial wrap means they only do the top of your head.

I do not read fashion magazines and I live in West Des Moines, Iowa so there will be no high fashion this week. And Sara hasn’t been here to clean out my closet & force me to go shopping & buy new clothes so nothing you will see is newer than 6 months old - Christmas always helps!

My style (if I actually have one) is on the classic side. Black & white has always been a wardrobe staple for me - I love adding a pop of color. Comfort is essential and I wear nothing but toeless shoes from April 2nd until Halloween.

The Outfit

Black & White Print Shirt & Linen Pants - JC Penney
Orange tank - Kohl’s
Black Birkenstocks - Fit to Be Tied - Des Moines
Close2yourheart necklace with broken earring
Diamond Earrings - York Jewelry
Sapphireire Ring - Don’t remember but it’s one of several pieces Sara’s called dibs on (Don’t think her brother would wear it anyway.)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To-Do List, To Done

All right, Bombshells, I'm all packed and ready to fly to Georgia for a nice long week of enjoying some southern culture, sunshine and good friends. I have three things left on my To-Do list before vacation can fully start.

1. Tell my Bombshells about two fantastic sales that are going on now and end May 30th:

City Chic - Take 50% off your entire purchase, now through May 30th. And as always, free shipping & free returns within the US.

Lane Bryant - Buy one, get one FREE on all crops, tops, sandals & select bras. Yes, seriously.

2. Touch up my manicure and pedicure. In progress, while I watch The Voice later on tonight.

3. Introduce you to my extra special guest blogger; a fantastic woman you've seen on Bombshell Beauty a few times, and one of my own style icons...well, you'll have check back tomorrow to find out who it is!

Ok, my To-Do list is all checked off! I'll be back on June 2nd with outfit posts and a tan (I hope...at the very least, I hope I don't have a sunburn). Have a beautiful week!

Star Style- Melissa McCarthy

If you're a fellow Mike & Molly fan, or if you were as obsessed with Gilmore Girls as I was, or if you've seen the new funny flick Bridesmaids, then Melissa McCarthy is a familiar face. I think she's funny and smart and so, so pretty - and I'm especially enjoying her wardrobe on Mike & Molly.

Her character's clothes are great! Stylish and colorful, built upon lots of patterns and layers. In every single episode, there's at least one standout piece that has me wondering where the heck the show's wardrobe designer shops for Molly. Guess what? He shops at Lane Bryant, Target, JC Penney and Macy's. How often is a star's style really that accessible?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

I love date night for two reasons - it's a great excuse to wear a short dress and flirt with my husband.

Exhibit A: Short Dress

I've been all about short dresses so far this spring. I used to think I was too old or too heavy to wear a short dress...no idea why. But I'm breaking out of that frame of mind, in a big way. I'm also all about nude sandals with those short dresses because they make my legs look extra long.

Exhibit B: Flirty Makeup (no way Dan can resist this!)

In addition to a gardenia-inspired headband, I pulled out a new shade of eyeshadow to create an easy smokey eye. I primed my eyelid, which is a really important step when wearing massive amounts of dark eyeshadow. Then I patted a peacock green shade on my lower lid, right up to the brow bone. I blended the green shadow just a little over that brow bone, then dusted a pale taupe over my entire lid to diffuse the color a little. I lined my upper and lower lashlines, the followed up with two coats of mascara. Though a smokey eye often sounds intimidating, this one was so easy. I was out the door and on my way to dinner in less than 10 minutes.

The Outfit:

Alfani ruffle-necked surplice dress- Macy's (via Stephanie)
Pearl earrings - York Jewelry
Gardenia headband - Target? (maybe?)
Nude sandals- Jessica London

The Makeup:
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (in Sand) Corrector, Concealer & Sheer Cheek Tint in Raspberry (on lips and cheeks)

Mark Please Hold Eye Primer (in light/medium), Scandalash Hookup Mascara (in Blacklash)& I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in Peacock (green) and Whisper (taupe)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

I put on this outfit, looked in the mirror and immediately thought, Reality Bites. The dress and the cardigan feel very 1992 to me...but then all day I got comments about how glamorous the look was. Interesting isn't it, how one person's 90's flashback is another person's glamorous?

The Outfit:
Chiffon Floral Frill Dress- c/o City Chic
Cream cropped cardigan- Gap
Black leggings- Lane Bryant
Nude sandals- Jessica London
Silver hoop earrings- Lia Sophia
Sterling silver charm necklace- Tiffany & Co.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beauty Stash

I reached into my beauty stash and pulled out my bottle of Age-Reversal Serum, a really effective (and luxurious) product by Nontoxique.

Visit Nontoxique's Facebook page for more product information, or buy online from StormSister.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

The accessories of this outfit are breathing new life into an often-worn dress:

I used to wear this long Lia Sophia beaded necklace all the time, but have begun to favor short necklaces over the past few months. As a result, it's languished unworn in my jewelry box. But when I pulled on my purple heels, I began to hunt around for accessories to compliment them. That's when I realized I could wind the necklace around my throat twice, then fasten it. Voila! Like a brand new piece of jewelry.

Aaaand I've come full circle with my hair color. Remember when I was all - oooh, I love being a brunette? Then I was like, "Hey! I love my new red hair color!" I'm back to being a brunette. And I've got to say that it feels like I'm back to me. For now, anyway.

The Outfit:
Margeaux faux wrap dress- c/o LucieLu
Purple heels- Jessica London
Beaded necklace- Lia Sophia
Sapphire earrings - Grandma Kappy's

Monday, May 16, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

I'm wearing the crap out of this skirt- and I can't wait to show you how cute it is as a strapless dress! It's not been warm enough for that look here in MN, but I've planned that particular outfit while we're in Georgia next week. Hurray! Seriously, how much do I love a skirt that is versatile enough for work and play, as a skirt and a dress?

The Outfit:
White tuxedo jacket- c/o City Chic
Maroon lace-trimmed tank- Gap Outlet
Blue essential short skirt- c/o Sealed with a Kiss
Blush, jewel encrusted flats- Avenue
Sapphire & diamond necklace- Arthur's Jewelers
Cocktail ring- Patina

New Features

I mentioned last week that you’ll start to see a few new regular features on Bombshell Beauty over the course of this month.

Bombshell Book Club- Kicked off last week with a review of Kim Brittingham’s memoir. Join me in reading The Necklace this month; we’ll chat over comments about what we thought of the story on June 7th.

Beauty Stash- I’ll post regular video reviews of the best products (hair care, makeup, skincare)in my beauty stash. If there are any products you’ve been thinking about buying but would like an opinion or two before making the investment, let me know. I’m happy to play guinea pig for you guys.

On Location - I’d love to show you a little more about who I am and what I do, aside from blogging. So I thought it would be fun to take you On Location to my favorite spots in the Twin Cities, on vacations, at fashion & blogger events, out and out & about in a regular day. You’ll get to see where I am and what I’m wearing.

Trend Test-Drive - I think you guys know by now that I’m not a super trendy girl. I know what works for me, and I also know what I like. But…that gets kind of boring, sometimes. Trends are there for the fun frivolity of it. So I’ll pick one out every so often that’s popping up all over magazines and on our favorite stars - then take it for a test drive. Some will be terrible, I’m sure, but some might be eye-openingly awesome. Either way, it’ll be a lot of fun.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

This is one of my all time favorite dresses. I've said it before. I'm sure I'll say it again. There's something crisp about the the pointed lapels, the fit and flare skirt, and the light weight cotton denim. I usually wear more feminine accessories than this studded belt...but it's a nice little change-up.

The Outfit:
Denim shirt dress- Lane Bryant
Brown studded belt- c/o Torrid
Bronze snakeskin heels- Designershoes.com
Hammered hoop earrings- Lia Sophia

Summer Style - Straw Totes

The June issue of Lucky magazine arrived in my mailbox this week, and after a quick perusal I became a little obsessed with one story. The accessories report this month features straw tote bags. This isn't a new trend by any means; every summer, straw tote bags start to flood the purse section of most clothing stores. And I've never been tempted. Barely even interested, in fact. But for some reason...I really want one this year.

Here are a few that I think would be versatile, transitioning from work to weekend. I like the idea of adding a new texture to my outfits. Though I prefer a natural shade of straw, I really like glitzy details like brightly colored straps or stripes.

Tory burch handbag
345 GBP - net-a-porter.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs straw tote bag
175 EUR - ekseption.es

Mar Y Sol straw handbag
$88 - nordstrom.com

J Crew summer handbag
$60 - jcrew.com

J Crew summer handbag
$50 - jcrew.com

Do you own a straw tote bag? Where do you take yours?

Everyday Bombshell

I love layers and accessories as much as the next girl, but for some reason I've been on a "simple" kick lately. I want fewer accessories so one special piece will stand out, like a great bag. And isn't this such a great bag? It makes me happy every day that I pick it up and jam all my work essentials into it.

What are you into right now - lots of prints and accessories, or a minimalist approach?

The Outfit:
Tangerine nylon & leather bag- Kate Spade
White crew neck tee- Gap
Refined pencil skirt- Lane Bryant
Embellished blush flats- Avenue
Pinecone necklace- Grandma Ruth

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

When getting dressed for a date with Dan this weekend, I mentioned I was going to wear a new dress I'd recently received from City Chic. He glanced in my closet and made a face..."The upholstery one?" he asked, dubiously.

Upholstery, huh? Yeah. Despite the floral pattern, he wasn't calling me an armchair once he actually saw the dress on.

The Outfit:
Floral Frill dress- c/o City Chic
Rose belt- Forever 21
Sandals- Jessica London
Filigree earrings- Fred Flare

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bombshell Book Club

A new monthly feature you'll see here is the Bombshell Book Club. An avid reader myself, I can't quite commit to joining a real book club. But a virtual version? Perfect. Each month, I'll let you know which book I'm reading and the date on which I'll review it for you. If you'd like to read along, you can comment on the review and let me know what you thought of the month's selection. Or you can choose to simply commit to memory the review and everyone else's comments, then pretend to your friends that you read the book. See? Fun!

We'll get things started with a review of a book that was sent to me by Three Rivers Press. The title caught my eye because it seemed particularly relevant to my approach to being a plus size woman:

Kim Brittingham is a blogger whose work has been published on iVillage, Salon & Fresh Yarn. In this memoir, the author sets out to share her personal journey from someone who despised her body and tried to diet her way to ultimate happiness to the woman she is today: one who has a healthy relationship with her plus size body and who rejects the notion of dieting and living up to the ideals of beauty set forth by society.

Brittingham weaves the stories of her life together to draw parallels between the life she lived as a child (one lacking love and consistency) to her relationship with food. She ate to fill the emotional voids left by parents who made her feel "less than" and like an outsider within the family. She writes of the extreme measures she took to diet away her perceived flaws - from causing her body to give her the scare of her life after an abusive bout with an all-protein diet, to becoming a counselor at (apparently, though not explicitly stated) Jenny Craig in an attempt to immerse herself in a lifestyle that she thought would finally make her thin.

The author also shares the key experiences that helped her claim for herself the feelings that she had about her body. She stopped looking outward for acceptance. She put her foot down when she didn't feel like she was being treated the way she deserved. She decided to use her body, in all its plus size glory, to create the life she wanted to live. If you've ever thought the key to ultimate happiness in your life would be the shedding of some serious pounds, this book might really reasonate with you.

I couldn't connect with Brittingham's voice. Her experiences were completely relatable (the emotional over-eating, the confusion over why one body type is desirable while another is not) but her tone was not. I felt less like a reader being engaged by a story and more like a sounding board for a variety of personal gripes and grudges held by the storyteller. It seems like a lot of those gripes and grudges could be valid. But they got in the way of my ability to connect with the author. I felt as though the book was written for her, not for the reader.

The book has been reviewed by several other bloggers who had different experiences than I did. You can check out reviews here, and here. And that, my friends, is the beauty of a book club. My opinion may not be your opinion. If you've read Read My Hips, leave a comment and let us all know what you thought.

The next book we'll chat about is The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives, by Cheryl Jarvis.

Review date will be June 7th, so get your copy and start reading!

Pack My Bag- Vacation in Georgia

It hit me this weekend that in just under three weeks I'll be on vacation. A real, honest-to-goodness vacation! Dan and I are going to Georgia for a week at the end of the month, with stops in Savannah and Athens. It'll be so nice to get out of town for a few days and to see a part of the country I've never visited.

We'll fly into Atlanta and drive to Savannah, where we'll stay at the historic Planters Inn right within the heart of the city. We have no solid plans as to what we'll do while in Savannah other than wander around to soak up the sun and the southern hospitality. After a couple days, we'll drive to Athens where our really good friends, Kara & Clayton, live. They relocated from the Twin Cities a year ago and I'm looking forward to seeing all the places they go and the things they do.

In planning for the vacation, what's more fun than figuring out what I'm going to wear? It's going to be hot and humid in Atlanta at the end of May, so I want to bring a selection of dresses and skirts that are easy to pull on and wear all day while walking around. Here's what I'm thinking.

Shoes I only want to bring two pair. We'll be walking around a lot so flats seem like the best choice, as do the color choice: one pair of nude sandals and one pair of black.

Seychelles shoes
$80 - nordstrom.com

Casual Dresses
It's the south, where ladies are "done" from day until night...which I kind of love. There's no easier way to look pulled together than by throwing on a dress. Maddy, from Plus Model Magazine, wore a coral version of this dress when we were in Las Vegas this winter; it was extremely cute. I also like the idea of wearing my compass turtle pendant because I have a terrible sense of direction. Especially on vacation.

Same accessories, new dress. This Ikat print shirt dress looks cool and breezy. Perfect for bumming around Athens with our friends.

I appreciate separates that can be multi-purposed. Sealed with a Kiss's essential short skirt fits that bill because it doubles as a skirt and a strapless dress (hike it up and add a belt- voila!). And I like the stud detail on this basic tank because it means I can get away with fewer accessories.

Dressy Outfit
I'm anticipating that we'll go out to a nice restaurant at some point during the trip. This black maxi dress is perfect because I can dress it up with a few dramatic accessories for the evening...without losing a ton of space in my luggage.

So...which clothes will actually make their way into my luggage? That'll probably wind up being a game-time decision. So I'll let you know. In the meantime, let me know if you have any favorite spots in Savannah or Athens that I should check out, ok?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

No idea what this pose is all about...I will say that I felt pretty saucy in my outfit. It even elicited one of the funniest compliments I've ever heard. A co-worker told me that I look "stupid cute." And then I heard one of the silliest compliments...Dan told me my hair looked funny. When I shot him a murderous glare, he clarified, "I meant FUN. Your hair looks FUN, all curly. Not funny."

The Outfit:
Butterfly printed tunic- c/o Lovedrobe
Black leggings- Lane Bryan
Jeweled belt- Gap Outlet
Filigree earrings- Fred Flare
Sandals- Jessica London

Friday, May 6, 2011

Beauty Week- Extra Cheeky

As a girl who's naturally a little red in the face (thanks to a touch of rosacea across my nose and cheeks), you'd think I would avoid blush like the plague. Not so. I love blush! For me, it's the second most important step toward looking instantly awake (right after applying Bobbi Brown's corrector and concealer to my eye area). I like to layer two types of blush over one another for maximum glow and staying power.

I'm wearing Bobbi Brown's Sheer Color Cheek Tint in Mauve high up on my cheekbones, and a light dusting of Powder Blush in Pink Peony on the apples of my cheeks (the fleshy part that pops out when I smile). I like blush to look as sheer as possible, so once the color is on I blend it with a clean, fluffy powder brush.

The Outfit:

Ruffled tank top - c/o Sealed with a Kiss
Black bolero jacket- Lane Bryant
High waist dirndl skirt- Lane Bryant
Vintage cameo pendant- Grandma Ruth's
Pearl earrings- York Jewelry
Mixed metal bracelet- Lia Sophia
Embellished flats- Avenue

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beauty Week - Bronzed Eyes

Today's outfit was conjured up to compliment my bronzey smokey eyes:
(Yes, I am in a parking garage. Hey, sometimes you gotta take pictures in random locations.)

I created this sparkly bronze look with my Bobbi Brown Long-wear Eyeshadow in Beach Bronze, and Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Mahogany Ink. It felt sort of hippie chic to me, so I coupled it with a messy ponytail, a surplice neck dress, rose-embellished belt and nude heels. And, of course, my Aquarius pendant.

The Outfit:
Classic Surplice Neck Dress in Cameo- c/o Sealed with a Kiss
Rose belt- Forever 21+
Black ribbed tank- Gap Outlet
Aquarius necklace- a vendor in Las Vegas
Silver hoop earrings- Lia Sophia
Comfortview Carrie Sandal- Jessica London

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beauty Week- Products I Love Right Now

Here are links to my current faves:

Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion - very moisturizing but feels light on the skin. Practically scent-free.

Mario Badescu Summer Shine Body Lotion
- imparts a very subtle golden glow. Smells great!
Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm (in Hibiscus)- feels soft and smooth, a hint of juicy color.

Essie Nail Polish in Splash of Grenadine

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadows
(in Orchid & Beach Bronze) - pretty colors that can be applied sheer or built up for more pigmentation. Lasts all day.

Smashbox Photo Finish Lumunizing primer - I use it on my cheekbones for a little extra glow-factor

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

40% Off Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has seriously stepped it up in the sales department lately - they've been running some fantastic promotions. I never seem to have a problem getting the most out of coupons and special deals in-store and online (which could, I suppose, be a problem in and of itself).

Right now, they're offering 40% Off everything in-store and online (with the exclusion of Spanx). I'm not sure whether I'll be buying in-store (through May 8th) or online (through May 9th) - but here's what I have my eye on:

Cap Sleeve Knit Dress - this would be perfect for work and casual weekend events. A simple change of the shoes and jewelry makes it really versatile.

Crinkle Chiffon Skirt -For some reason, my closet is seriously lacking prints right now. This one is so pretty, and could be paired with a white ribbed tank & flat sandals for picnics and trips to the Farmer's Market.

Miraclesuit Polka Dot Oceanus Suit- I love everything about this swim suit: the cut that shows off a little cleavage but doesn't become a peep show once I dive into the water; the ruching across the tummy that will hide my rolls; and polka dots. What more could I want while lounging by the pool? (Aside from a margarita and SPF 45?)

Sateen Bermuda Short- I like to pair casual shorts with sky-high sandals and ultra- feminine tops. This pair is great because it falls straight from the hip to the knee - super flattering.

Embellished Crochet Trim Tank
- something like this would be perfect with crisp bermuda shorts; or layered underneath a summer suit for the office.