Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Everyday Mom, Everyday Makeup Routine

Sara always shows you HOW to put on makeup; I won’t make you watch a video of me putting on makeup but do want to share the new products I’m using since we last talked.

My entire makeup routine, which is all done in the morning, consists of: 
  1. Wash my face (yesterday’s remaining makeup) with a wash cloth & warm water
  2. Splash really cold water on my face
  3. Slather (Sara’s term) L’Oreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition on my face & neck – this is not a commercial but this stuff really works - I’ve been using it for about a month and truly can see a difference in the lines & especially the smoothness of my skin. A trip to Ulta with Sara always results in something good & in this case less expensive than the product I had been using.
  4. Also new is my foundation (or primer or whatever those of you who understand fashion lingo are calling it now days) Again Sara came into play when she set me up with Mark® products. The bottom of the compact says “min-a-real” if that helps. But for me the best part is not only the cover & feel but the compact itself. Now instead of twisting off the lid & flipping out the sponge pad, just one handed flip & flip – much better packaging than the brand advertised on tv that I used to use.
  5. Next comes a big smile (what better way to start the day than smiling at yourself) to make those cheeks big & a quick brush of blush. Again I’m using Mark. I felt it was a little too pink so have been very lightly running the foundation pad over each cheek after applying the blush.
  6. Last but not least - mascara also by Mark. I use the eyeliner only for special occasions and applying usually requires a q-tip and spit. Again I just love the packaging of this product – mascara on one end, the eyeliner on the other. I tend to keep mascara too long – well it still has some left - since this appears to be a slightly smaller size maybe I’ll need more sooner & won’t get an eye infection!
But the best products I’m using are for my hair! Not sure how long ago it began but no matter what my hair looked frizzy. So as Sara & I were walking into Ulta I casually asked what could be wrong with my blow dryer that it didn’t even move my hair around anymore but the air was still hot. 

Sara’s response was, “It’s broken! You need a new one!” So we found a smaller one that folds, has a recoiling cord & attachments (diffuser & direct aim). The Conair 1875 ($25) is now my hair’s best friend. No more frizz. Apparently the ions or something scientific that it shoots keeps frizz away – fantastic item. 

Following close behind the blow dryer as my hair’s best friend is this great rinse Sara gave me so long ago she doesn’t remember giving it to me which I had not used until recently since I don’t usually have the patience to put something in my hair & wait 3-5 minutes to rinse it out but… after the first time I used it, I’m willing to waste (I mean wait) 5 minutes. For the first time in years my hair feels really soft and looks healthy. Oh yeah, the products name? L’Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque.

Okay this post is way too long but everyone with frizzy hair go buy a new blow dryer & if it doesn’t work for you maybe I just got lucky.


  1. Here's a tip for you. If you shampoo your hair first thing in the shower, rinse and condition, you can leave the conditioner in your hair while you finish up your shower (my hair is long, so I usually twist it against my head and secure with a hair claw). Then rinse out the conditioner after you've finished with the other shower-things; in the least, you'll have left the conditioner in your hair for several minutes, giving it more time to sink into the hair and making the conditioner more effective.

  2. I am loving your posts Sara's mom! Thanks for sharing your tips with us...especially since I am a mom like you!

  3. What a very interesting post! =)

    I go through hair dryers. Lol.

  4. Thanks for the tip Rachael.

    Barb, I've got to say it is kind of fun - but not on an everyday basis.

    Patti, thanks for all your coments & for not being out of town this time!

  5. I love that you have a simple makeup routine. My mom does as well and Sara always laughs at how little I do as well :)

    I am horrible about washing my face at night, so I use baby wipes now. Super simple and easy


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