Monday, December 12, 2011

Everyday Bombshell- Tropical Style

Hi everyone!  Thanks for hanging out with my mom last week; I love sharing her style with you, and I love that you guys interact and leave comments for her, too.   Dan and I left sunny Jamaica on December 1st at the peak of the day - it was 87 degrees outside.  We arrived back home in St. Paul on December 8th at about midnight, the low of the day - a frosty 17 degrees!  Yikes!  Talk about a transition.

We spent a week at the Couples Swept Away resort in Negril, along with 4 of our close friends.  It was as perfect a vacation as one could dream of, and I can't wait to go back!  We spent our honeymoon at this same spot 5 years ago, and it was so much fun to go back and share the experience with friends.

The resort has a variety of activities - most of which include sun, food and cocktails - so here's a selection of outfits that I wore during our time there. I strayed a bit from my usual style and embraced the idea of "island" dressing - so I wore a few tropical prints that I probably wouldn't consider wearing here at home.  It was fun and reinforced the idea of being on vacation.

Worn to the airport - I wanted to dress in layers that could be easily removed once I hit warmer temperatures.  And the hat is something I needed to pack for sun protection on the beach, but wouldn't fit in my suitcase so I threw it on and wore it while traveling. 
Worn during one of my visits to the spa- I was having an aloe facial (to soothe and heal my skin after a little too much sun!), so I wanted to be comfortable but cute.  And yes, please note the glass of wine in hand.  It became something of an accessory during the week...

 Worn to dinner at a Thai-inspired restaurant called Lemongrass.  This was one of the first nights we all decided to get a little glammed up, so I added tall wedges and my flower-accented headband. 

 This is what I wore during a shopping excursion off the resort, into downtown Negril.  Again, accented with a flower - this one was left in in an arrangement in our room by housekeeping.  It looked really festive, so I popped it into the high bun I'd fashioned with my hair.

This pale celedon green dress really highlighted my tan!  Whew...I am so unused to seeing myself with any color at all.  I wore this to a casual dinner with the whole gang.  Don't worry; I did put on shoes.  A pair of patent leather flip flops. 

This was worn to dinner and a beach bonfire on our last night at the resort.  By this time, I'd contracted some kind of eye irritation (thanks a lot, sunscreen/sand) that prevented me from wearing my contacts.  Highly unusual for me to wear my glasses outside of my own bedroom!  I want to show you my accessories for this outfit, too because they're kind of sentimental:

Beaded earrings that I made with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law during an outting last Christmas.  Literally, never worn until now!

Dan bought me this palm tree charm the first time we were in Negril, and I'll admit that I never wear it.  Just not my usual, every day style.  I brought it with me this time around, expecting to wear it with my Close
toYour Heart Necklace; and then was inspired to layer the charm with a silver bangle for an ultra-customized necklace.
And finally, my favorite of the swimsuits I brought with me.  All of my new suits were purchased at Avenue, and I was thrilled with the fit and fashion of each one.  This is a black one-piece featuring a ruched tummy and interesting straps - one thick black strap, and a skinnier gold chain strap.  This Christmas tree suddenly appeared on the beach during the last sunset of the vacation, so Dan and I were all over it as a photo prop!


  1. Welcome back! Love the outfits, especially the swimsuit! =)

  2. It sounds like your had a great trip. I'm jealous that you got to spend some time away from this yucky winter weather.

  3. Sara, I have to say I really love these outfits. I love your blog, but a lot of the time, I can't wear anything you post because I live in Florida. I'm pleased to see that what you chose for your tropical vacation is pretty much what I'd choose here on a daily basis! Love the flower in your hair, too. Glad you had a good time!

  4. Thanks you guys- it was a fantastic vacation! Hopefully, I can keep the zen feeling going in my everyday life....:)


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