Saturday, December 31, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

Of all the winter holidays, I like New Year's Eve the best.  It's a time for celebrating the past and looking ahead to the future (champagne flute in hand!).  Technically, Bombshell Beauty began here - at a time in my life when I needed a creative outlet and I wanted a place to talk about plus size fashion.  But really, Bombshell Beauty began here:

This is me, age 5, wearing the best Christmas present ever: hand me down dress up clothes.  They were hand-me downs from an extremely stylish woman who worked with Grandma Kappy.  I received them because I was too tall and too curvy to fit into the dress up clothes found at Toys R Us or the Sears toy catalog.  I felt like such a lady in my grown-up shoes and dresses...and so was born a love of fashion for plus size girls! (Even if I didn't exactly know it, then).

Even during my teenage years, when I dressed to conceal my plus size body, I was still interested in fashion and expressing myself through clothes.  I think I had to go through that period in my life in which I was uncomfortable in my own skin; it was an important step to coming through the other side of self-confidence.

In college and throughout my early 20's, I continued to grow and evolve - both as a woman and in my personal style.  Again, not everything was a hit but it all led to who I am today.

I've been blogging here for almost five years now, and have surely gained so much more than I've given.  Good friends, great readers, amazing opportunities to work with Lane Bryant, Luxe Bridal, Sealed with a Kiss, LucieLu, City Chic, L'Oreal,'s pretty unbelievable.  I am so grateful for everything that's happened here over the past several years. 

I'm also looking ahead to what I want and need in my life over the next year, the next five years, and beyond.  And I'm excited and grateful for what's ahead.  I may not know what, exactly, that may be...but I do know that it's time  to focus my attention on other areas of my life.  So this will be my last post as Bombshell Beauty.  Thank you for being here with me; for leaving comments or simply checking in every few days.  I truly appreciate you.  

To all of you Bombshells, I wish you a very Happy New Year.  Filled with confidence and fabulous clothes, of course!  Cheers!

The Outfit:
Reverie Dress- c/o LucieLu
Vintage rhinestone necklace- Grandma Kappy's
Manicure- Cajun Shrimp by OPI
Red lipstick - Rouge Noir by Julie Hewitt
Chardonnay - Kendall Jackson


  1. Thanks for all the fun, advice & love. On to the next adventure, sweetheart - you'll do wonderful things & will always be the epitome of a "Bombshell" - the attitude will remain. Mom

  2. A special thank you to all of Sara's loyal readers (Patti)for all the support you gave my daughter over these last years & for putting up with me in her rare absence.
    To all the wonderful companies who gave her such fantastic experiences - I as her Mother will be eternally grateful for the confidence building.
    Happy New Year to all! And don't be surprised if one day you hear Sara Bartlett has done yet another fantastic something!

  3. Sara, I read this with a heavy heart this morning. I have loved following your blog, and cannot even begin to express the inspiration you have given me.

    I value your advice, your humor, and your beautiful spirit. I look forward to your new adventures.

    <3 Kristin

  4. Thank you Kristin - you've made blogging that much more fun! I've appreciated getting to know you through your comments and Facebook over the past few years. Lots of love and all the best to you!

  5. Sara,

    While I've never commented, I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past two years. I have appreciated your honesty, your kind spirit and putting yourself out there to share your fashion and experiences with us. I'm going to miss your blog! I wish you all of the best as you move onto bigger and better things in your life.

    Take care,

  6. Thank you for taking the time to read, and to comment now, Shana. It means a lot to me!

  7. Dear Sara,

    Reading this news made me so very sad this morning. You were the first blog I ever read - I think I had searched for "layering for plus-size" or something like that and found you! I gobbled up your entire blog, went straight to my closet and started finding new and interesting ways to wear things. (I truly had never thought this way before.) I then clicked on many of your links to see who else was out there. I was immediately entranced and empowered by the blogging world.

    But it was really yours that had an indelible mark on me and inspired me to start my own blog, that inspired me to put myself out there. You showed me an amazing community of women who loved themselves just as they were and weren't afraid to show it. There are not words to really thank you for that.

    I wish you all the best for what your life has in store for you. I hope that if I'm ever back in MN, we can meet up!

    Love, hugs and best wishes,
    Surely Sonsy

  8. Congrats Sara...however we will miss you! Love you :)

  9. All the best, Sara! Keep me posted.....

  10. Thank you Stephanie, Becky and Jessica!

  11. Good bye Sara, What will I read
    every morning before I leave for work?? I'm an older person (69) but have really enjoyed you.

    Good luck with your next endevor

    Sharon, a fan for a long time

  12. Sara, I rarely comment, but I think I've been reading your blog since sometime in 2008. It feels a little like you're breaking up with me! ;)
    I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts for the past several years, and you will definitely be missed.
    All the best in 2012 and beyond!

  13. Thank you so much for the kind comments, Erin and Sharon. I appreciate your support all these years :)

  14. aw, thanks. hopefully you will stay in touch with me through the Book of Faces. while i have never met you IRL, i think of you as the fashionable sister that always gives great advice, has a positive outlook on life, and does everything she can with her heart and soul.

    in other words, you rock! happy 2012 to you and your family!

  15. aw, thanks. hopefully you will stay in touch with me through the Book of Faces. while i have never met you IRL, i think of you as the fashionable sister that always gives great advice, has a positive outlook on life, and does everything she can with her heart and soul.

    in other words, you rock! happy 2012 to you and your family!

  16. I found your Bombshell Beauty Blog a little bit over a year ago, and it's thanks to your recommendations, enthusiasm and penchant for the pen (or, er, keyboard) that encouraged me to reinvent my personal style and read a number of blogs. Thank you for your inspiration and ingenuity; I'll miss reading!

  17. I am going to miss you Sara! Thanks for giving us some great advice and friendship through this blog! Good luck to you.....

  18. Sara, I am so sad today, yet happy for you as well.
    I loved reading your blog because I always felt I was connecting with a friend. I think you know how much you meant to me. Because of you, I know more about eye makeup and with you encouragement, I wasn't afraid to wear bold red lipstick. Because of you, I had a long overdue bra fitting and my breasts will be forever grateful to you!
    Of course, I will miss your mom, too, with her lovely first name!
    I will miss you, but I also know your decision will free you to do exciting new things.
    My very best to you, Sara!


  19. Sara ~ I only found your blog a few months ago, so am sad to hear you are moving onto to other things...however, have found many great tips in these few short months. I only wish I had found you sooner! Good luck in your next adventure...I have no doubt you will do great. Thank you for being the voice for your bombshell sisters!!!

  20. Sara, thank you for all the advice and fashion suggestions you've given to me over the last couple of years...known or unknown. I wish you nothing but success in all your future endeavors and I hope you'll check in every once in a while.

    Best Wishes,


  21. You will be missed. I've been reading for a few years now, and your blog helped me reframe how I looked at fashion and being plus sized. Your confidence and passion was infectious and inspiring.

    I wish you all the best as you focus that enthusiasm elsewhere.

  22. Patti- Thank you for being such an ardent supporter. It's been a lot of fun getting to know you the past couple of years! All the best to you!

  23. Kate, Aimielee, Cheriwitt, Robbin, Barb S- thank you, each of you, for reading and commenting. I really appreciate your kind words!

  24. I just found this blog in mid 2011, but feel like I was opened up to so many new brands and options, so thank you for your efforts. Best of luck in the future.

  25. thank you so much! I will miss you and all your advice, I have learned a lot-vendors I didn't even know existed.

  26. Happy New Year to you, too :)


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