Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shop My Closet- Now Live!

If you've ever seen an article of clothing, shoes or accessories that I've worn here on Bombshell Beauty and thought you'd like to own it, too - now's your chance!  My clothing size has fluctuated a bit over the past few years and I find myself needing to whittle down my closet to those items that truly fit, now.  There are so many great pieces I've worn and loved,  that I'll feel better knowing they're going to a good home.

Most of the items are things I've purchased, while some of the items are pieces that were given to me, for free, from various plus size clothing partners.  I wouldn't feel right making money off anything I didn't buy myself.  So I've decided to donate all proceeds from every sale to the Channel Design Vision Team for Common Hope - a  mission team I'm a part of that will be going to Guatemala in March to work on behalf of Common Hope

So in addition to getting some cute new clothes, you can feel good knowing that the money paid will be going to a non-profit organization with a great purpose. 

As you go through the Shop My Closet page you can click on the item description and will be taken to the selling page on eBay.  I hope you find a few things you like - and I would love to know how you plan to style anything that you buy!

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  1. I didn't know that you were going to Guatemala. That is a great idea for a team building event, for sure.


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