Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dove -'Make Friends with Your Hair'

I've been through quite a few hair transformations over the past 18 months.  I went from long and brown to long and red, to long and red with bangs, to short and brown with bangs, to medium and brown no bangs. 

I clearly have some peace to make with my hair.

After all those changes, my hair was pretty dry and unhappy - which is partially the reason behind cutting it so short.  I'm not a short hair kind of girl, though, so I've finally realized that I want the same hair color and style that I started with all those many changes ago.  Of course.  

Hair is a really personal thing for a lot of women; something upon which self esteem can hinge.  When my hair looks good, I feel great.  And likewise, when it's a little wonky (like when I cut my own bangs- remember that???) I feel off kilter.  Dove understands that, which is why they're using the angle of making friends with your hair as the launching pad for their newest spokesperson.  

For the past several weeks, spokesperson wannabes have been uploading videos explaining their personal paths from foe to friend when it comes to their hair.  Some of the videos are pretty funny - you can click here to check them out.  While you're there, vote for your favorite of the top three finalists; one of whom will be voted the new Dove spokesperson.  My favorite is Mandy W's - I like that she identifies her hair with the Mad Hatter.  Pretty cute. 

On a personal level, Dove's newest line of hair products - Nourishing Oil Care - have turned the texture and manageability of my hair around.  I'd been using a product line that was supposed to be ultra-moisturizing but was definitely NOT.  Up until a few weeks ago, my hair was brittle and frizzy.  So when Dove sent me the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner (a lot of conditioning options!) and smoothing serum; it was like a gift from the beauty gods.  When I run out of these products, I'm going to purchase them myself.  Because I think a nice scent and great results from products go a long way in maintaining that friendship with my hair!

* Hair products were provided to me by Dove for review; my experience with the products is my own and is not influenced by their free-ness.

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