Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

I want to let you guys in on the the trend of the moment.  You might not have seen it splashed across the pages of Harper's Bazaar and Lucky yet.  But I predict that you will. 

 Yep, the ultra-stylish ace bandage is going to be huge this fall/winter!  Here I am wearing one in a very flattering nude tone.  You can snap yours up at any pharmacy or medical supply store for about $5.  
Actually, I sprained my ankle.  Playing football.  In my bridesmaid dress at my friends' wedding reception this weekend.  The reception was held at the home of our Golden Gopher's football team, TCF Bank Stadium.  The banquet area was gorgeous, and a perk of being in the wedding party was that we got to take pictures and play around on the football field.  My lack of coordination got the better of me when I tried to tackle the groom and fell down. 

Thankfully, one of the other bridesmaids managed to capture the exact moment that I fell down...(over in the left hand corner)
To detract attention from my sprain, I wore dangly earrings and created a sparkly purple smokey eye.
The Outfit:
Green cotton turtleneck- Talbots
Tiger print cotton skirt- Talbots
Dangly feather earrings- Forever 21
Nude bandage- Ace
Black ballet flats- DesignerShoes.com


  1. Ouch!! At least you have a great story to go with your ace bandage. Hope you recover quickly.

  2. Lol! I'm sorry you hurt your ankle but it IS a funny story! Guess that's what you get for trying to tackle the groom --- especially in a bridesmaid dress!
    You look lovely in that outfit! I just LOVE the earrings! And your already beautiful eyes look so sexy! Wow! I'm jealous!


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