Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Style Inspiration- Last Year's Hits

Fall is officially in full swing here in MN - and I couldn't be happier! The crisp air, cooler temperatures, the promise of a new season; all contribute to my happiness. So too does the idea of remixing (or just rewearing!) my favorite outfits from this month in 2010. Here are a few of my style hits from September of last year:

I love the nautical mix of navy and white stripes with a punchy green cardigan. I don't have this exact cardigan anymore, but I do have a new cropped version - and a new green blazer. This will be a fun look to recreate.

I just packed this pink and blue jungle-print tank top away in my box of summer clothes. However, I am going to pull it right back out again because I love it with my high waist skirt and a cardigan. I might swap in a blazer or a different cardi this year.

This outfit is featured in the Fab Finds Under $50 September Inspiration Calendar; so why shouldn't I be inspired to wear it again? It's a great fall outfit because the blue & white print is nice and bright, but the black accessories keep it from seeming unseasonable.

And what would fall be without jeans tucked into boots? It's time to retire this green striped shirt thanks to pilling and old age. And I don't have those black slouchy boots anymore (they died at the end of the winter). However, I have lots of great ideas for recreating this look with a few updates- and that very same red rose pin. Ladylike details like that are always in style every fall.

Now if only I could suddenly will my hair to be as long as it was a year ago...!


  1. I have to say, I am insanely jealous of your changing seasons. It is still so hot in FL. I will be wearing my sundresses, flip flops and sunglasses for at least 6-8 weeks longer.

  2. I know the tables will turn, Sarah R, when I'm still bundled up in April and you're already shedding layers. :)

  3. You're so cute with your classic looks!! xoxo

  4. I need to go through my fall outfits from last year. Maybe I should copy my best looks too.

  5. I live in Minnesota too, and even though I hate the thought of summer ending, I'm also excited to wear different outfits. (Just so I don't have to take out my snow boots and mittes for a long time!)

  6. Right now in NYC all you need is a raincoat !! Don't want summer to end..just not ready yet for fall.


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