Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Favorites: Nail Polish

Here's a look at the nail polish colors I'm wearing this fall (oldies and newbies). What's on your tips and toes this season?

mark Nailed It Trend Mini Lacquers
Essie Merino Cool
OPI Chicago Champagne Toast
OPI Vodka & Caviar


  1. With my fingers, I like to experiment. With my toes, I tend to stick with reds, and sometimes I'll use blue, etc.

    I love the color of vodka & cavier and would use it for my toes. That's one that I would wear all the time. =)

    Thanks for the great video, Sara!

  2. I love to get out my dark polishes in the fall.

  3. Last week I purchased Essie's Lady Like. Sometimes I find Essie colors are disappointingly darker wehn applied than they appear in the bottle, but this one is perfect. It is a lavendar/gray with a mauve twist. It's the perfect muted classic color for my fair skin. I love it on my hands and it will be great with lots of fall colors.


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