Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

For as much fun as it can be to mix up new combinations with the clothes in my closet, sometimes it's just as much fun to put on a tried-and-true outfit that I know will get the job done.

My makeup experimentation continues. I'm doing a friend's makeup for her wedding and am trying to perfect the look on myself before I try it out on her. She wants a soft eye in shades of pink - but with enough definition to show up on flash film. I think I've almost got it...

The Outfit:
Light gray sweater blazer- Gap Outlet
Wine Gloria Dress- Sealed with a Kiss
Cream lace-trimmed tank- Gap Outlet
Snakeskin stretchy belt- Lane Bryant Outlet
Black cutout slingbacks- Jessica London
Sterling silver monogram necklace- Tiffany & Co.


  1. I love the eyes -- I aspire to your skilled application of eyeliner!

  2. i agree with Brooke - you are an artist with your eyes. Amazing!

    and the outfit ain't bad, either! :) you always look so incredible!!

  3. I like your makeup. I am kind of a klutz, so I have trouble getting my eyeliner to look that perfect.

  4. I just love the dress and the whole look! You have such beautiful eyes and I love this makeup. Sigh. Eyeliner is always a challenge for me.

  5. Thanks for all the eyeliner love, you guys! I'm certainly no pro but I've gotten pretty decent at using Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and her small eyeliner brush. :)


  7. I've been meaning to try gel eyeliner. Everyone I've talked to raves about it.

  8. Patti - For me, gel eyeliner is the absolute best. It's easy to get on and it stays on for days (literally!).

  9. Your eyes are amazing--the perfect amount of color saturation. What brand of shadow are you using?

  10. Thanks, Shannon- I use Mark's I-Mark eyeshadows. You can find them at

  11. Perfection!!!

    Xo jess


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