Monday, August 22, 2011

Shopping Craze

I almost lost my mind while shopping this weekend. My best shopping cohort and I spent a couple hours this Saturday browsing the racks at Forever 21 and Banana Republic. I went into the excursion with nothing but an urge to shop - no plan for what I wanted to add to my wardrobe; no real idea, even, of what I want to wear this fall. Leggings and tunics? Lace and blazers? Tights...shift dresses...bib necklaces? What do I need and what do I want?

I quickly became overwhelmed. I would pick things up and then put them down. Stuff a couple dresses in my shopping bag and then pull them back out. It was ridiculous. My friend and I started laughing at our contradictory shopping styles.

I agonize over every purchase. "Do I need this? What would I wear it with? Don't I already have a dress with a similar pattern?"

She buys what catches her eye and will figure it out later. We're both well-dressed women (if I do say so), so it's obvious that there is no right way to shop. There's only what is right for each woman.

I came home with two items - both of which I love and am excited to wear.

This sheer striped sweater fulfills my craving for Back to School preppiness - offset with a feminine detail in the puffed sleeves. I'll wear this with skinny jeans and boots; tucked into a black high-waisted skirt with tights; and over a denim pencil skirt with ballet flats. Striped Knit Top in Red & Black ($14.80)

I picked up a cotton cardigan very similar to the one Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50 is wearing here. My cardigan came from Forever $21 ($24.80), though it's not currently on their web site. This nautical combination nips in at the waist, and will look great over a variety of dresses and long tunics.


  1. I just impulsively grab items I love and end up with tons of things. Then go to a quiet section and then slowly make up my mind piece by piece. It gives me the fun of just getting everything or thinking I will get everything that catches my fancy. Then gets me to be realistic with my wardrobe and budget. I like that cardigan with the yellow dress. Her waist looks so tiny and then BAM wonderful curves.=)

  2. Cute outfits!

    Sometimes I find myself like that when shopping -- new real idea of what I need or how it will all come together. Sometimes I'm just so frustrated I just leave because I don't feel organized at all, and I hate that feeling.

  3. I find I wear items that I impulsively grab way more often than items I have thought about a lot. Weird how that works out. Also, excited for your shrug. I think I remember seeing it on the F21 site this year and it is pretty much the same. Can't wait to see how you wear it!

  4. omg I so do that, I'm an awful impulsive shopper!


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