Thursday, July 14, 2011

What to Wear: BBQ Birthday Party

I'm throwing Dan a birthday party on Friday. He's a little less enthused than one might hope about turning 36. So I thought it would be fun to bring all his favorite elements together to help celebrate: BBQ'd meats, southern sides, 30 of his friends & family, a backyard on a beautiful evening and whiskey. It's going to be a really fun night. But as hostess of this shin-dig, I've got to figure out what to wear!

Outfit requirements:

* Cool - it's going to be 90 degrees here on Friday and the party is outdoors
* Show off my bust- a peak of cleavage will be one of Dan's birthday presents
* A bright color - I always think it's nice for the hostess to stand out in the crowd just in case someone needs something.
* Moveable - we'll be playing yard games and I'll be refilling drinks & food. Moveability is essential.

Here are three ideas that might fit the bill. What do you think?

Strapless embroidered dress
- Forever 21

Multi-color crystal earrings- Lane Bryant

Plus Aside wedge sandals- Jessica London

Purple graphic maxi- City Chic

Butterfly Sunglasses- Forever 21

Plus Aside wedge sandals- Jessica London

Belted Lace Trim Top - Loop 18

Capri Goucho Pants- Sealed with a Kiss

Stretch Ring- LucieLu

Sperry Topsider Southport slingback - Nordstrom


  1. It'd go for the first look, since it looks the most comfortable.

  2. That's what I'm leaning toward, Becky. Thanks for the affirmation!

  3. Option 1 is the most fun, option 3 is the most practical.

  4. I agree! Look #1: stands out and is sassy sexy!

  5. Outfit 1 is definitely the winner!

  6. I'm late on this but choose No. 1! What did you decide on?

    And a very happy birthday to Dan! =)

  7. I like the first look. So cute!

  8. Thank you for your awesome blog. I passed on an award to you :)


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