Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trends I Just Don't Get

I love the fact that there are so many options in plus size clothing. Honestly, I do. And I also love to see women strutting their stuff in styles that differ from my own. But there are some trends that absolutely puzzle me.

Flared Jeggings

Dark Wash Denim Flared Jegging - Lane Bryant

By definition (according to what I know of fashion and a legging is a close-fitting pant. And a jegging is a made-up fashion word which combines jeans and leggings- i.e. a legging that looks like tight jeans. So where the heck does a loose-fitting flared jegging fit into this picture? I really feel like Lane Bryant is trying to pull one over on me with this one. Or capitalize on the fact that women are more interested in buying jeggings than regular, old flared jeans.

Harem Pants

Jersey Jogger Capri's- Forever 21

I don't understand the proportions of the harem pant. Baggy around the crotch and through the legs, then cinched in at the thickest part of the leg. It's just...incongruent. I'm most perplexed by this trend being translated into sweatpants, which I'm seeing more and more often.

Cinder Block Shoes

Jeffrey Campbell 'Zealous' Pump- Nordstrom

I'm all about shoes that make you seem taller, longer, more imposing. But I'm not at all about shoes that look heavy as cinder blocks in order to achieve the effect of great height. They're so incredibly stumpy, cutting off right at the ankle. Unless I'm being fitted by the mob for a swim with the fishies, I'll forgo this trend.


  1. i own a black pair of harem pants. i use them for work because they're comfy and i could care less what i look like at work, haha. since i'm sitting down and my bottom half in under a desk. but i don't know if i could style them outside of work...

  2. As someone who carries most my excess weight in the stomach,I could get down with the flared jeggings because they fit tighter through the thigh than typical jeans/pants of the same style. Most pants that fit well in the stomach are way too big in the thigh, and even when I purchase LB's pants for my shape they typically stretch out giving the same affect as bad fitting jeans anyway. I would love to try a pair of these. I could leave the harem pants, but the shoes I secretly kind of love :)

  3. i tell people the flared jeggings are like those Pajama Jeans that you see advertised on television all the time.

    they are surprisingly comfortable - i got the black ones and wear them like yoga pants.

    harem pants would make my already wide assets look wider.

  4. YES - The skinny leg black jeggings from LB are my FAVORITE. They are super flattering. I may try the flared ones as well.

  5. I totally agree - Harem pants? HELLO why do i want to look like i have a load in my pants? No thanks. I totally agree..... Although those jeans look strikingly similar to Pajama Jeans. Which is probably a BAD idea for someone like me who works from home.

  6. First - Did you get a new banner or photo? It looks fab, I just don't remember seeing it up there before but I'm a little slow on the take so... Maybe the flared leg jeggings are so you can wear w/ boots? I dunno... I'm still trying to figure out the diff btw skinny jeans and tight jeans..

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  8. The flared jeggings...just encountered my first pair at Hot Mama. They aren't for everyone, and the fit has to be beyond perfect, but there is potential there. The ones shown here...not good.

    So nice to see you Saturday, if only for a few minutes. I took your jar & cookies home. Let me know if you want the jar back. Cookies = eaten.

    Also, I love the new blog look! It's so fresh!

  9. Lol. Good points. I love some of the, umm, unique-looking shoes (and I LOVE shoes!), but some, like these, make me shudder. There is nothing feminine about them.

  10. Yeah, I don't get any of those trends either. No freaking thank you.

  11. I love the comments on this post- you guys are so funny!

    And yes, I did get a new look to my blog. I've stopped cutting and coloring my hair and am now doing it to my blog layout. :)

  12. HA HA! I so wore harem pants this week and posted it on the blog. I totally had my reservatons about them but honestly when I found the right fit for me, I actually liked them. However, I did cheat and wore them with a classic button up. I feel you can't knock it until you try it and once you try it and it's awful then leave it alone.

  13. I just bought those flared jeggings from LB and they are beyond flattering and the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned. They're super slim through the bum and thigh (hence the flattering part) and wide leg from the knee down which makes them sort of a trouser leg style which I love with a pair of heels. Seriously most flattering pair of jeans I have ever owned. Ever.

  14. Thanks for the input on the flared jeggings, Ades- clearly they're a winner after all!

  15. I have to comment on the jegging flare jeans. I am SO sad that LB doesn't have them anymore. LOL, I found this post googling them trying to find them somewhere. Lost a few pounds and am DESPERATE to find them in a smaller size!

    I think their name is dumb.

    However, as someone else mentioned, for those of us bigger around the middle with smaller legs, they fit like more of a straight-leg jean.

    And these stretch some, but they don't stretch out three sizes like most LB jeans. Usually you have to buy them so tight when you first put them on that you can't breathe in order to have the butt not hanging unflatteringly an hour later.

    Bring back the jegging flares, LB!


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