Thursday, July 21, 2011

Need Some Inspiration?

The dog days of summer are officially upon us. I don't necessarily know why they're called "dog days..." but I do know that excessive heat + humidity = a lack of motivation and desire to do anything other than lounge around in the air conditioning.

If you need a little inspiration to get up, put something cute on and go outside (or at least relocate to air conditioning outside of your own home) - check out the City Chic Blogger Look Book. Packed full of outfit ideas from many of my favorite bloggers, as well as several new-to-me faces, this has seriously jump-started my creative juices.

(Yes, that is me within the look book. Rocking the upholstery dress. Thanks for including me, City Chic!)

City Chic has recently renovated their web site to include a ton of really fun, interactive content like Chic TV, CC Spotlight, CC Runway, and a very useful Fabric Guide. I love it when my favorites make themselves even better.


  1. Wow! What a cool site! I don't have time to look closely at it right now, but I looked through some of the dresses and they were amazing! I saw like a countless number I just want to wear right now! Lol. =) Thanks for showing us this!

  2. To appease your curiosity about the "dogs days of summer":

    Hope it works. Interesting reading.

  3. LOL- Thanks for the link to Dog Days of Summer, Serendipity. Now I know!

  4. I love the city chic website and the clothes the first time i wear the,. but EVERY and I mean EVERY time I wash my clothes from there they shrink. I wash according to the instructions and still have no luck. It's such a shame, I love their clothes and Super fast shipping but for me, the quality is aweful

  5. That's disappointing, Sandra! I've not had the same experience - but I haven't bought anything from City Chic that's cotton. To ensure my cotton clothes don't shrink, I usually Dryel them.


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