Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beauty Stash

This mark palette is making me so happy. Look at all the colors!

The colors aren't as vibrant on camera as they are in real life.

I chose 8 shades of mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow to fill my Snap To It Mega Palette.

The shades are:
(Top Row) Retro Peacock (dark emerald green), Wink Wink (pale taupe), Luvstruck (pink), and Stellar (gold)

(Bottom Row) Picadilly (dark eggplant purple), Pool (pale turquoise blue), Dragonfly (soft pistachio green), Glitterati (silver)

At just $5 each, I decided it would be fun to branch out from my usual eyeshadow colors (browns, greys). I'm surprised at how much I use these vibrant colors. Retro Peacock is my new favorite liner shade - it adds a really pretty depth to my eyes. Luvstruck really brings out the green in my eyes. I'd say that I use at least one of these fun colors every single day.

Here's a really simple day-look that I created using Glitterati (all over the lid, up to the brow bone) and Luvstruck (swept on the corner of my eye in an inverted v-shape).


  1. Wow! Those really are beautiful colors and vibrant is right!
    I always hesitate before trying colors like these. But they sure look beautiful on you!

  2. I like this eye look. I tend to stick to neutral eyeshadows most of the time.

  3. That look really suits you ... it goes well with your coloring. I'm makeup-a-phobic, so I would think long and hard before trying these shades. My luck, I'd end up with eyeshadow on my nose!

  4. I LOVE mark makeup! I have Glitterati, too. I love how you used it as your base color.


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