Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty Stash- John Frieda Collection

I was invited to attend a really cool beauty event this Friday here in the Twin Cities - the John Frieda Salon Tour bus is pulling into the Mall of America to provide style guidance and expertise to the women of Minneapolis & St. Paul. John Frieda's team of expert stylists will be on hand to offer up style solutions and make product recommendations, right from their own style-tastic bus! (If you live in the Twin Cities and want to come check it out, details will be below).

In preparation for the event, I thought I'd pick up a few John Frieda products to re-acclimate myself with the brand. I used a lot of John Frieda products during college because I thought the line was affordable and yielded salon-worthy results. I was absolutely obsessed with a Sea-Spray that is no longer available...it was the best product for creating soft, beachy waves. When the product was discontinued, I pouted my way right out of using the entire line. Petty, I know. But that's me.

Fast forward to present time, and I've been religiously using John Frieda's Frizz Ease Take Charge Curl-Boosting Mousse and the Brilliant Brunette Shine Shock.

Curl-Boosting Mousse
Ironically, I've not used this mousse to boost curls. Not even once. Instead, I apply it to wet hair before blow-drying it straight. This mousse is lightweight, with an equally lightweight fresh-floral scent, but embarks fantastic hold. It helps maintain my chosen style (straight with a bit of curl at the end) perfectly. I've never really realized before how essential mousse can be.

Shine Shock
I knew this gel would be a winner the first time I squeezed a pea-sized dollop into the palm of my hand. It's clear with visible (although extremely tiny) flakes of glitter in it! Now don't start sighing and saying, "Sara. You are over 30 years old. WHY are you putting glitter in your hair??" It imparts just the prettiest shine- not 13-year old glitter. Promise. I apply a tiny bit to wet hair before blow drying, then follow up with a little more once my hair is styled for added ooomph.

For my Twin Cities Bombshells, stop by the Mall of America this Friday from 12-8p.m or Saturday from 11-7p.m. The consultation is free and is guaranteed to be a fun time. I'll be there on Friday at 1:00- hope to see you then!


  1. OK, you just blew my mind.

    I recently switched from a wavy style to a straight style, and I ran out and bought some straight styling cream, and i have all these bottles of curl cream that probably still work fine for blow-drying straight.

  2. Nice! I just cut my hair so am always looking for new products. Do you use these together?

    I got my City Chic and SWAk orders - really, really happy to have found some alternative places to buy trendy but adult plus size clothing. Especially SWAK... I have such a list going that I am filling my virtual cart to the brim. :)

  3. Sarah, you make me laugh! Cannot say I've ever blown anyone's mind before. :)

    Erin- yep, I do use the two products together. And I'm so glad that you like what you got!

  4. Such a great idea! Looks like we might bump into each other Friday - that's when Erin (Babes in Thriftland) and I will be there too!


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