Sunday, July 10, 2011

Animal Instincts by City Chic

I clicked over to City Chic this afternoon and became completely wrapped up in their latest collection: Animal Instincts. There are few prints sexier (and more iconically Bombshell) than leopard print. And it's one of those prints that is always in-style. Sure, it ramps up and makes the "trend" list every few seasons. But it's never wrong to pull out a great animal print.

When it's done right, animal prints are eye-catching and sultry and add immediate interest to even the most basic black top or jeans/tee shirt combo. And I think City Chic has done better than just right.

I've never been a "save the best for last" kind of girl so I'm going to start off with my absolute favorite piece- the Animal Print Kaftan. This chiffon kaftan is THE piece to get, if you're trying to decide. Toss it on over jeans and sky-high heels for an effortless night-out look. Belt it over a pencil skirt and red flats for the office. Or, throw it on over your yoga pants and tank top after a workout for instant, post-gym glam.

My second-favorite piece is the Sexy Animal Skirt. Seriously, it doesn't get easier than this. Since the skirt is curve-hugging, you can go with a structured button down or an over-sized tunic. I feel like it's the kind of skirt that will automatically make you strut a little, you know?

And finally, although the Leatherette Biker Jacket isn't technically an animal print it is inspired by animal hide - and it's gorgeous! I love the fact that this jacket is cropped, so it'll hit at the perfect spot to define curves. It features really great zipper details and would be the coolest topper to any outfit- dressy or casual. Very chic. (And only $68!!)


  1. Animal prints are classic. I would have to agree with the part that says it should be paired off smartly to avoid looking to gaudy. Anyway, it is a must-have for every fashion-addict.

  2. I love the kaftan and have decided to order it. Such a cute piece, I can't wait to put it into my rotation. Do you know if they run regular sales promotions? Would be great if I knew it would be going on sale in the near future.
    Thanks to your blog I am finding that there are other great places to shop for cute clothes other than LB. You have made me one happy lady!

  3. Hi Ami-
    I'm so happy that you're enjoying all the other brands out there that carry such great clothes for us! Much love to Lane Bryant, but variety is good.

    As for whether or not the caftan might be on sale anytime soon...I really don't know. It's part of a brand new collection, so I wouldn't expect that it would be on sale for awhile.


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