Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Super Sale at City Chic!

City Chic, hands down, puts on the best sales in the online plus size clothing business. These people do not fool around- remember that plus 50% sale a few weeks ago. Yeah. Well they're at it again, this time with crazy markdowns on really cute stuff - starting at $4.99, with nothing over $19.99.

I found lots of things I want/need/really must snap up now, like these super cute cargo pants:

Bling Cargo Pants

And this very cool grafitti tank top (would be adorable under a blazer!)

Dreamcatcher Grafitti Top

And this very crisp, super summer white dress:

Broderie Dress

I even found a piece that I already own in white - marked down from full price, of course. But I'm not bitter - because the deal is so good I just might pick up the alternate color.

Tuxedo Jacket

Is there anything you've been eyeballing at City Chic that is suddenly on super clearance?


  1. I love sale! It would be great to buy those fabulous plus size dresses. They really look great.

  2. just wondering, in your experience is City Chic true to size? do you find you have to order up or down a size?

  3. Hi Sandra-
    I do find the City Chic size chart to be accurate. I wear a Lane Bryant size 16 and the City Chic size Small fits perfectly.


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