Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Everyday Mom

Sara’s Coming Home-Sara’s Coming Home- I Get To Go On A Date Night

I’m sure some of you are as excited that Sara will be back as the Colonists were frightened at “The British are Coming”.

I had a bunch more tid bits about bras - go for Lane Bryant’s combo bras & remove the straps permanently- I’m allergic to costume jewelry, which Sara thinks is cool & her Dad just thinks is expensive - mani/ pedis are great (the one thing I do enjoy in a salon) but they never do them right- my real dream when I grow up is to sell flip-flops on the beach, thus all the flip flop jewelry

Sara’s home and I’m going on a date. Red - the only color I ever used to have in my closet. It’s a casual date & the hot sun is going down, so the top's down and the jeans are on. However please know no one in this family would EVER GET IN A CAR WITH A DRINK OR DRIVE AFTER DRINKING IT. The glass of wine is a prop which will be consumed when I’m back in the house.

I need to thank Sara’s Dad - my husband - he has been a real trooper this week. For a guy who has maybe taken an average of 2 pictures a year during his 56 years he turned into a real fashion photographer. When he told me at one point he needed a better angle - well I still don’t know how to respond to that. He made me lunch one morning - that lunch bag has never weighed that much - I had enough lunch for the rest of the week. He picked out my nail polish - orange really? One night he suggested I might want to redo my hair - again I have no words for that remark - but you can guess what my thoughts were. And you know what he looked at me differently - like "Wow!" Thanks, Honey.

Mostly I’d like to thank my gorgeous daughter, who is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the out IF that is possible. She trusted me with her baby - I appreciate that. A better, more intelligent, more capable & caring woman you will never meet. Thanks, Sweetheart.

For those of you who stuck around for the week - thank you! You have no idea how much you mean to Sara. Go be the beautiful Bombshells you are - remember - it’s a state of mind.


  1. Thanks for sharing with us "Sara's Mom"...I enjoyed EVERY post you had. I hope that you will visit with us again!

  2. Super cute post! It has been fun reading your posts :)

  3. I am impressed that you blogged for Sara while she was on vacation. I liked your posts.

  4. What a wonderful job you did! I didn't have a chance to comment much but I enjoyed reading you! =)

    Plus, I LOVE your first name!

  5. Moms are great! Thanks for the good reading and warm sentiments.

  6. Patti - I was afraid Sara's blog had lost you - I always enjoy your comments on her post & when you quit showing up I thought - oh oh one down how many more to go?
    Named after Patrick Walsh himself - a little bit Irish.

  7. I really could never be a blogger - I want to respond to every comment - I'd have to quit my job! Thanks all for making me feel "special" & I love being called Sara's Mom - it's been years since I didn't use my own name.

  8. Thank you so much for handling the Everyday Bombshell blog in Sara's absence. You did a really fine job and I had fun reading your posts every day, especially the PJ post!

    I hope you enjoyed your blogger duties. It seems your husband has discovered a new talent!

  9. Oh what a wonderful job you've done! And what a hubby you have. How sweet! Thanks for entertaining us and loved the posts!


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