Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everyday Mom

LBD - or Little Black Dress for those of you who don’t understand fashion language. Took me quite a while to figure out what that one meant, although I got OMG right away.

The LBD seemed to be something no closet could be without, so in December I bought two - finally wore the featured one on Easter Sunday. Not real fond of anything that comes above my ankles (thanks to really ugly legs with all these really ugly veins) so yes those are panty hose! Now I’m not even sure if they sell those horrible things anymore - the ones I’m wearing would no doubt be considered vintage since they’ve been in my “I don’t use this stuff but I might need it” drawer for at least eight years. Replaced the plain black belt with the light weight scarf that not only had the same color as the short waisted jacket, but also the bag (aka purse)that I happened to have all my stuff in that day.

Added the black low heels, my diamond cross necklace, emerald ring & it was off to church!

Sara, being the makeup junkie that she is, always tells you how she created her look and gives you a close up of that gorgeous face. WELL there will be no close up of this face and as to my makeup routine… get up in the morning, shower at which time I wash off the previous days makeup with a wash cloth & no soap.

Once out of the shower, a splash of as cold of water on my face as soon as possible (wakes you up & is suppose to close your pores or something) and pat dry.

Then it’s makeup time…cover my face & neck with Mario Badescu (don’t make me pronounce it) Chamomile Night Cream (when you’re this old night cream is necessary as a moisturizer & Sara said it was okay), Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation; a little (very old) Clinique Sheer Powder Blush called “Sugar Plum”, and Maybelline Stiletto Mascara. If I really don’t want to look washed out, I add a lipstick that will last ALL day cause you can bet I will not be reapplying anytime soon.

The Outfit
LBD - Lane Bryant - Clearance
Jacket - Lane Bryant - Not Clearance
Scarf - gift from Tom
Shoes - I don’t know but they feel like from a real shoe store
Cross Necklace - some Jewelry store as a final gift from my Mom’s estate
Emerald Ring - some place in New York on my 50th Birthday


  1. You are rocking it! Love your outfit, especially the scarf as a belt.

  2. Ha! I'm loving your posts! You crack me up. Maybe you should start your own blog.

    I totally have one of those “I don’t use this stuff but I might need it” drawers. OMG! I'm not alone! YES

    You are so fashionable. The scarf and the bag are great!

  3. Hi Sara's mom! I think it's awesome that you're filling in for her while she's on vacation. Just wanted to tell you I love the color of that jacket on you. Lovely.

  4. Hahahahaha...I'm loving this line: "Shoes - I don’t know but they feel like from a real shoe store"

    You are SO FUNNY lady!

  5. Cute! I love aqua and black of my favorite combos.

  6. Pat, you are so funny! You made me laugh in this post. I love how down-to-earth you are. You look great in both variations, but that blue jacket really brings a new light and life to you. I love it. I also love how you and Sara both wear jewelry from your mothers and grandmothers like you, Kappy, and Ruth. That's so special and a really great way of having a daily reminder of the ones you love.

  7. I love the LBD and the jacket - the jacket, scarf and purse look really good together! LOVE the emerald ring. I think it's so important to have jewelry that really means something to you.

    Love your posts!


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