Saturday, April 9, 2011

New 'Do!

Today was hair cutting day in the Bartlett household. After many weeks of "This cut or that cut" back and forth, I finally chose one. If you'll remember, the original contenders were:

A sleek bob, inspired by Nicole Ritchie OR

Cute and flippy, inspired by Mandy Moore. Late in the game, I pulled out a third option which was really the same cut as the cute and flippy - just styled differently. The overwhelming winning choice, based on your comments was the Mandy Moore look. And that's exactly what I went for.

I still have to work on mastering the styling of my shorter hair - it's a big change from the easy maintenance of my hair when it was 5 inches longer. I really like the new look, and the way it makes me feel. (Which is a good thing since 82% of my self-esteem revolves around my hair...:)


  1. Oh, CUUUUUUTE! You are just gorgeous. Yay on new spring hair 'dos!

  2. Thanks, Sarah and Gretchen! I appreciate the validation. :)

  3. Awww I love it!!! You look so gorgeous (as usual)! :D I'm so used to having longer hair but seeing cuts like yours make me want to snip it all off! Hehehe

    I can't wait to see how you style it!

    xo Allison :D

  4. The new style looks lovely. I totally relate to your self esteem comment around hair ... and I went backwards and forwards for months about a style and eventually chose to stick with much the same as it's a real time saver in my hectic life :-)


  5. What a cute haircut! You look great! It is a perfect cut for our Minnesota summers!

  6. New season, new do! Lookin' good, lady!

  7. It looks wonderful! It frames your face and you will wear it nicely. Good job. :)

  8. Just a beautiful haircut, Sara!


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