Friday, April 15, 2011

MN Opera Event: Wuthering Heights

Last night, Dan and I put on cute outfits and walked a few blocks up the street to attend the very first Blogger Preview Night of a production by the Minnesota Opera. Wuthering Heights opens on April 16th and will run 5 shows over the course of one week. It's only the second time this particular show has been produced since its debut in 1982. The score was penned by the legendary Hollywood composer, Bernard Hermann - he composed almost every score for classic Alfred Hitchcock movies like Vertigo, Psycho & North by Northwest.

I wore my black City Chic dress with the striped bodice, a denim blazer, and my pink jewel encrusted flats - yep, essentially the same thing I wore to the Shhh.launch party. By switching out the dress and styling the accent pieces a little differently...I had on a whole different outfit.

The first stop of the night was at our favorite sushi restaurant, Sakura, for cocktails, sushi and mingling with fellow bloggers. That was especially fun because the group was kind of a mixed bag of Twin Cities bloggers- fashion, lifestyle, topical and more. Dan and I sat down with Heidi Schatz and the the object of her blog, My Boyfriend is Only Sort of Annoying - they were very funny and even more so after reading a few of her blog posts. And I met Jill from Spoils of Wear- we didn't get to chat nearly enough but it was nice to make that connection.

Jill, Lori (Jill's friend), Heidi, and me in the lobby at The Ordway Center.

The Minnesota Opera
is a company known for its innovative, accessible approach to operatic productions. Indeed, the shows' Maestro, Michael Christie, joined us at Sakura to tell us about the show we were about to see. He answered questions, and talked about the complex stage set comprised of scrims and projected graphic imagery. Wuthering Heights is, quite possibly, one of the most iconic stories of two lovers who just can't quite get it together in time to actually share a happy life together. It's moody and emotionally violent, both of which were captured perfectly by the combined use of the musical score and the set.

If you'd like to see Wuthering Heights, you can get ticket and show information at


  1. How fun! The chance to meet with people and dress up to boot! Lucky you! =)

  2. Look at all those cute bloggers! I like your dress.

  3. I am attending this performace tonight and do not know what to wear. The only formal outfit I own is a full lenght, spagetti strap soft pink dress with a shawl. Would this be appropriate?

  4. I'm sorry that I didn't get your comment yesterday, Billie Jo. Your outfit sounds great! Hope you enjoyed the show!

  5. Thank you again for hooking me up with this event. I had a great time and fully intend to go to the next one in September.

    You're even prettier in person. :)

  6. I'm so glad you were able to come, Jill- and thanks for the compliment. :)


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