Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Options

I'm celebrating Easter with my family this weekend. My parents will be coming in from Des Moines, while my brother and his family will come in from Chicago. I love hosting my family for holidays because it means I get to fulfill all the Martha Stewart fantasies that I harbor the rest of the year. The crafting of daffodil candy cups is in my near future.

Just as fun as planning for the holiday is planning an outfit. Here are two outfits that are inspiring me this Easter. One option is dressy while the second is more casual.

Lace is such a pretty, feminine fabric - and even more so in this pale lilac color. When playing with two really girly elements like lace and lilac, I like to ground the outfit with sturdy (almost masculine) accessories like the cognac brown belt and shoes. A long necklace helps draw the eye down from the top of the dress to the toes of the shoes.

This pretty beige top adorned with a ring of flowers is so springy and pretty. I like the idea of letting the soft, pale colors in the top stand out by pairing it with shades of navy blue. A "pop of color" doesn't always have to be bright one. Sometimes, a subtle shade can be the perfect pop.

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  1. I vote wear both. I like them both to much not to!

  2. Love making fun little holiday things. For Easter I think I am going to make some fun origami bunnies with jelly beans in them!

  3. Patti- I definitely believe that! I slipped and fell at ridiculous.

    Kimberly- I want to see pictures of your mad origami skillz.


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