Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spotlight on: City Chic

I've been a fan of Autralian plus size retailer, City Chic, for over a year now. Much of that time, I lusted from afar because the company didn't ship to the US. But several months ago, City Chic became available here in the US. (Hurray!)

I know a lot of shoppers are leery of international shipping rates and the time it takes for purchases to arrive. Which is why I'm so incredibly impressed with City Chic's decision to offer free shipping to the US and free returns. I'm sure it won't always be that way, but it's the perfect incentive for all of us who want to get to know their brand.

City Chic is making it easy to order from them in another really cool way - by taking the guesswork out of determining which size to order. Their size chart not only lists out the measurements that fit their sizes. It also includes a comparison of their sizes to major plus retailers like Lane Bryant and Torrid. I've never seen that before.

I met the City Chic team last month in Las Vegas, which included the company's International President, Phil Ryan; their fit model & the face of City Chic, Courtney; and fashion stylist Reah Norman. Everyone was very down to earth and seemed very excited about the opportunities ahead to dress plus size women in the US.

I had a great chat with Phil in which he spoke candidly about the fact that there's a lot of market share available within the plus size fashion industry. City Chic differentiates itself by offering the trends plus size women want to participate in, when they want them, in garments made of good quality at a price point that's attainable.

Phil wanted me to have the experience of ordering from City Chic so I could share that with you. He asked me to choose a few pieces, then sent them off to me. My order arrived within about 10 days.

The first piece I chose was this yellow pleated tube top. It fits really well and features a band of rubberized elastic across the back to keep it in place. It's double lined beneath the chiffon pleated outer fabric, which speaks to its quality. I've worn the top with jeans and blazer at work; and with a pencil skirt and heels for girls' night out.

I'd featured this form fitting dress in a couple Polyvore set posts previously, so decided I should definitely see if it lived up to my expectations. Yep! It does. It's made of a nice, heavy cotton that skims over my curves. It's sexy and stylish; exactly what I (and my husband) go for on date night.

City Chic is a brand that I'm excited to welcome into my closet; I look forward to adding more pieces in the coming seasons!

*City Chic provided the top and dress to me, free of charge. This in no way influences the opinions I've stated above.


  1. i was lusting over a maxi dress with flowers but of course, i waited too long then it was gone! but the 2nd choice i wanted was available. when the site did 60%, i had to do it! i ordered it friday and got it yesterday :) can't wait to wear my new maxi in mexico next month and the rest of the summer :)

  2. Love love love the yellow top! It looks amazing on you. I've also been impressed with the quality of their items.

    Tannis - Check back at City Chic b/c their clothes come and go in stock. I've had several things disappear from the site for a few weeks and return again later when they were back in stock.

  3. I love the yellow top too! It's so flattering! The dress is too.

    I will check out City Chic! I think I might just fall in love!

  4. Love that dress! My daughter is plus size and I shop for her allot. Do you feel plus size clothes arent made as well? I sometimes feel the quality isnt as good as the smaller sizes.

  5. I love both of your picks. The top is so cute. Did you have to tug at it to keep it up? I can't wait to place my first order. They have so many great pieces.

  6. I just got an order from City Chic, too, and was so impressed with the quality! Very nicely made, sturdy fabrics. I got a cute tank with lace down the front and a navy dress with white piping. Both fit perfectly. I've been lusting after City Chic stuff for ages, mostly due to Lilli at Frocks & Frou Frou posting her cute stuff.

  7. Deb- Nope, I don't have any problems keeping the top up. I think it's the rubber elastic around the top that helps keep it up.

  8. Ms Givens- For as many brands who make disposable clothing, there are those who make quality pieces too. I think this is true for both plus and straight size women. My favorite high-quality plus size brands include: City Chic, Igigi, Kiyonna, and Lane Bryant for pants.

  9. I ordered several things from City Chic with their recent 60% off sale and received it quickly. Also, love the quality and fit of their items.

    You are looking fab in your pieces!

  10. You are rocking that yellow top! Love it!!

  11. that yellow tube top is beautiful, and that dress looks amazing on you!

  12. I love the yellow top, jeans and jacket look, it looks effortlessly chic and totally classy. The dress is very vavavoom! You look fantastic in it! I checked out there site and love the maxi dresses! I'm looking for the perfect one, and the one with flowers you featured might fit the bill! BTW-can you ask your 99 year old gma her secrets?


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