Thursday, March 3, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

Since it's the beginning of March, and I have Irish blood in my veins, I'm apparently feeling very "St. Patrick's Day," as evidenced by my outfit.

I started with my new denim pencil skirt, picked up at Lane Bryant this weekend during an impromptu shopping trip. I wanted to add color and realized I'd not worn my green and white striped tee shirt in a while.

I've been missing my friend Kara lately and wanted to layer on the necklace she gave me for Christmas. It's enscribed with the Gaelic words Cara Daor, which translates roughly to "friend of my soul." And then I put in the green and orange earrings I made a few months ago and voila! Suddenly, I'm Ireland. Maybe I'll have a lucky day!

The Outfit:
Black button up sweater - LucieLu
Green and white tee- Old Navy
Denim skirt - Lane Bryant
Belt- Lane Bryant Outlet
Leggings - Lane Bryant
Mary Jane heels - Payless
Earrings- made at The Bead Monkey
Necklace- gift from Kara


  1. I love this outfit! I, too, have Irish in me -- about 50 percent. How could I not, with this name? :) I'll have to think of some appropriate outfit to wear on the big day.

  2. Oh that necklace is amazing-I love stuff like that! Green is definitely a good color on you!

  3. Great outfit! The second one I've seen today with stripes and a dark sweater.

    Plus, I'm seeing it everywhere. Maybe I need to surrender and get a smilar combo.


  4. So cute and love the leggings under the skirt. Perfect for the cold weather here in MA.


  5. I love that Lane Bryant denim pencil skirt, I want to get one!

    Green is a good color for you.

    I'm loving that crochet neck tunic, also, mostly because of the frills at the bottom! Let us know how the items work out.


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