Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everyday Bombshell - Bonus Edition

I'm wearing one of my favorite outfits today. It's incredibly simple and thanks to the pattern I have to put in zero effort. That's something I'm going to remember as I start picking up new spring pieces - pattern equals pizzaz without the effort.

The Outfit:Printed faux wrap dress- Alfani, from Macy's
Leggings- Gap Body
Ballet flats -
Flower petal earrings - Patina
Aquarius necklace- not sure

And look! A special bonus outfit. This is what I wore yesterday to appear as a guest of KFAI radio's programming to celebrate International Women's Day. Yes, I realize that one does not technically "appear" on radio. But even at 5:45AM, on the radio, I am going to represent the best version of me.

I had an interesting chat with the show's host, local comedian Jodie Maruska, and owner of Bombshell Boutique Denise Alden.

We talked about ways for plus size women to embrace their identity and celebrate it with fasion; as well as a few hot button topics like, "What do you think of the term plus size?" I, personally, am not bothered by the term. I don't care what other people label me. What do you think? Do you feel empowered to participate in fashion and express yourselves with clothes? Or is that something you struggle with?

Thanks to Jodie for inviting me - it was a great way to start of my Tuesday morning!

The Outfit:Black tuxedo jacket - Gap
Ines Dress - c/o ShopTranslated
Black leather belt- Gap Outlet
Ballet flates -


  1. I love both dresses, but the second one it so die for! You look fantastic, as usual!

    Sometimes the term plus size bothers me. Especially because in stores they seem to shove the plus size in the corner with little to no selection. Other days it doesn't. It probably correlates to my self-esteem that day. If I'm feeling good about myself I don't care if I'm plus size. If I'm not, I do.

  2. I can understand that point of view, MM. I guess I just view it as a moniker that doesn't define me but does tell me where in a store I'll find clothes in my size. :)

  3. Both dresses are great! I especially love the INES one!!

  4. Both are cute-cute outfits! :)

  5. Love both outfits, And yes you should always dress for the radio. The listeners can tell how you're dressed - it determines your attitude. Also your right on about plus size just telling you where the clothes are in the store! LUTP

  6. I wake up to KFAI so on Tuesday I woke up to you. It is always odd when my online life collides with the unplugged. I thought the discussion was good.

  7. Love your blog!

    Check out mine and please follow if you'd like:


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