Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beauty Moment- Calyx Fragrance

Marie Claire sent me a perfume sample, asking my thoughts and whether or not I like the scent. The perfume is called Calyx and, as far as I can tell, is one of the very few products still created under the Prescriptives brand. In any case, I haven't been able to stop smelling myself since the first spritz.

According to, the scent is described as this:

The exhilarating top note of Calyx includes a profusion of grapefruit and mandarin with a tropical blend of passion fruit, mango, papaya and guava. The refreshing middle note is a bouquet of freesia, muguet, neroli, rose, lily, jasmin and marigold. The deep sensual base note is a luscious weaving of oakmoss, orris, sandalwood and vetiver.

I firmly believe that a good perfume will delight upon first spritz and then develop into something more and more complex and wonderful the longer it's on your skin. And that's exactly what I experienced with Calyx.

Here are the stages my nose went through:
1. Oooh! That's fresh and fruity.
2. Hmmmm...I guess it's not that fruity.
3. I could really go for a grapefruit. Why don't we have any grapefruit?
4. Wow, this is scent is kind of sexy.
5. No musk, that's kind of nice.
6. I officially want to bathe in this stuff.

Because of the very fresh, crisp top note I initially thought this would be a day scent. But the more I wear it, the more I think it would be a really unexpected and unique scent for night.

I recently went through my perfume collection (ok, all 4 bottles) and chucked all but 1 because they're so old the scents were not what they once were. I've found my replacement - so, thanks Marie Claire!


  1. I have loved this scent for YEARS. Never bought it, but always sprayed myself with it at the department store. Good to know that it is still being made, that was the only part about Prescriptives being discontinued that bothered me. What is strange, is I normally hate grapefruit scents, but this one just was so intoxicating.

  2. I don't usually like fruity scents, either. But there's something about this one that I cannot get enough of.

  3. My friend wore this and I loved it! I asked her what it was but forgot about it. I really need to get this fragrance! Thanks!

  4. Did you change your blog up? It looks different and I like it! I'm gonna have to try out this intoxicating fruity scent, I have lots of perfume but really can you ever have enough?
    BTW-I tagged you!

  5. I did give my blog a little makeover...glad you like it! Heading over to yours to discover the tag - thanks!

  6. i had posted to you yesterday on Facebook about my bottle of Calyx that i had been sent from StyleWatch to review. my friend brought in the bottle - it's yours for the taking! if want, i am happy to send it to you - my email is



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