Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pack My Suitcase- Curvy Revolution Day 2

Day 2 of the Lane Bryant-sponsored Curvy Revolution brings back to back workshops, an exhibition of vendors with clothes, accessories and services relevant to plus size women, and a roaving fashion show. The daytime activities are all very casual, which means I need an outfit that is laid back but pulled together. Here are the two options I'm debating between.

On the left, we have a gray cotton military-inspired dress from the DKNY collection at Lane Bryant. I'd style it without the leggings shown in the picture. On the right, I have my Z. Cavaricci skinny jeans and a navy Breton-inspired striped tee shirt.

Which look do you prefer? Vote in the comments - and thanks for your help!


  1. I think the key thing is which outfit can you wear the most comfortable shoes with? Sounds like you will be walking a lot!

    As much as I love stripes I think I'm going to say dress here - that way you are comfy, casual and still have an extra chicness about you. I'm kind of digging the leggings too.

  2. If you go with what appears to be the majority opinion on your Day 1 packing and pick the Estelle dress, then I would select the LB dress for Day 2. Although there is something to say about wearing jeans for the day. You'd probably be a lot more comfortable. Sheesh. I am no help. I guess I think both a great options.

  3. I like both but the dress seems slightly more pulled together and casual chic.

  4. I'm with Kimberly. Dress with the leggings & although I love the shoes something more comfy might be better. Sitting in jeans all day can get very uncomfortable. I'm so excited for you - what a Birthday weekend - was there 31 yrs ago think I should come too! LUTP

  5. I love the shirt dress, but after seeing all your fashion day layouts, I see that you'd be wearing a dress everyday. Of course nothing's wrong with that, but there's nothing like some skinny jeans on a curvy woman. Eat your heart out America! Gives you a break, but I agree with Kimberly, whichever allows your feet some relief :-)


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