Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mom was the very first subscriber to Bombshell Beauty. She still calls me and congratulates me on, "You have XXX number of subscribers, now!" I'm so thankful to have a mom who takes an interest in my blogging and love of fashion. Especially when she often muses, "How did you get so girly? Not from me!"

Of course, it was in her closet that I first discovered drapey dresses with ruching and touches of sparkle at the shoulder. And it was in her makeup bag that I found my very first makeup palettes (and made a total mess of the whole thing...!). Whether she believes it or not, my mom was my very first style inspiration and she continues to inspire me. Which is why I was thrilled when she got on a shopping kick after the holidays and started sending me pictures of the outfits she was wearing each day!

Here are a few of my mom's favorite looks:


Love this zebra print with a pop of bright pink.

How great is this skirt? I love that Mom is not afraid to wear prints...and she wears them so well!

She also wears color very well - my dad loves Mom in yellow. This is her humoring him. That's the secret to their looong marriage (37 years and counting...I think).

Now, for a great example of how classic, stylish pieces can transcend age and body type. Mom and I are both wearing the exact same gray tunic dress from Old Navy:

Thanks for letting me share your style, Mom. LUTP!!


  1. Wow, your momma has style! I love the way you both styled the same Old Navy dress :)

  2. Your mom is the bomb. A woman with a great smile, good style, and a nice daughter. I'd love to meet her.

  3. Thanks Iris and Judy! My mom is pretty special. :)

  4. Bombshell Mom!!! She has got some great style! My faves are the zebra/pink combo (so bright and fun) and the Old Navy dress. I really like getting to see how you both wore the same outfit.

  5. Momma Bombshell has fashion down pat! The animal print paired with a bright color is awesome. She is rockin' that ON dress with the booties and I love that she wears yellow for Papa Bombshell!

  6. Your mom is SO stylish! I love her plaid classic. I must agree with your Dad, she looks great in yellow.

  7. Wow! What a stylish mom! Like mother like daughter! I especially love the plaid skirt! So cute!

  8. You get your bright smile from momma! Loved the plaid skirt, but then I love plaid.

  9. Want to thank all your readers for their up lifting comments. What an ego boost! And yes Judy I have a very nice daughter but Kimberly "Papa Bombshell" - really??? LOL & so did he!

  10. Oh my gosh. This post is adorable. I love Pat and the fact that she's gotten so into your blog and being a fashionista. Go Pat! :)


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