Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

I was in a sorority in college and one of the "rituals" we did during recruitment week included a little poem thingy that talked about borrowing earrings from so-and-so, shoes from so-and-so, and a skirt from so-and-so and turning them into your own outfit. Today's outfit reminds me of that:

I'm wearing a top from Tina, a belt from Kimberly and a necklace from Kara. Combined with my own shoes, skirt and a new headband I feel pretty cute.

The Outfit:
Gardenia headband- Len Druskin
Silver friendship necklace- gift from Kara
Blue paneled top - Avenue, gift from Tina
Striped belt- on loan from Kimberly
Tights - Express
High waisted skirt- Lane Bryant
Ballet Flats-


  1. That hair flower is really cute.

  2. EX-CUUUUSE me, Miss, your hair looks AMAZING. I mean. Amazing.

  3. Erin, Whaaaaat? I felt like it was frizzy all day. Thanks for the perspective. I needed that!

  4. LOVE this look! it's totally Zooey Deschanel! hip, funky, and put together all at once!


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