Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

During a team Halloween event one year at work, we were all asked to tell one thing that scared us. One of my very stylish co-workers said, "Navy blue and black together!" I always think of her when I pair the two colors.

I think that, as long as it's very apparent that the combo is being done purpose, there's something chic about the whole thing. If you ever see me walking around with one navy shoe and one black shoe, I'll of course try to convince that it was a purposeful style choice. Of course.


  1. You are so right. Done correctly, it can be a beautiful combination. Today, there is so much latitude. Even mixing metallics is becoming more popular.
    Keep up the great posts, but I may have to call you on the two different color shoes. LOL

  2. your outfit looks very nice. I've never understood why we cannot pair blue and black together.

  3. I'm afraid of some mixes, but not so much navy blue and black when, as you said, it is clearly done on purpose.

    Lol. I have a duplicate pair of black and navy low-heel pumps (got them on sale!) and just the other day, came close to walking out the door wearing one of each!

  4. That is totally my fear. I used to avoid buying navy because I couldn't find the perfect navy flat. Even when I found navy flats they didn't match all the shades of navy out there. I have been trying to break this fear, I actually wore my navy stripe sweater yesterday with black shoes...OH SHOCK! Thank you for addressing this issue. I think I need to have a motivational navy speaker in my life...LOL.

  5. Oh Mama Pants, that is so funny! That's the problem with trying to match navy with navy - there are so many variations! I think that's why I prefer to just go with either black or brown. :)


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