Monday, January 3, 2011

Luxe Bridal Couture Caters to Plus Size Brides

If you've already had a wedding or are knee deep in planning yours, chances are you've already had a somewhat disappointing experience with dress shopping. Even straight-size Bombshells sometimes have a less-than stellar time trying on wedding dresses because most bridal shops carry a small selection of sample sizes.

There's nothing magical about either sucking it in with everything you have then penguin-walking out of the dressing room and onto a pedestal surrounded by mirrors and your mother. Or even worse, having to rely on a small-sized friend to try on dresses while you close your eyes and try to envision what you'd look like walking down the aisle in it.

For these reasons, I am extremely excited about the opening of a new bridal boutique here in the Twin Cities: Luxe Bridal Couture. The boutique's owner, Shayna Clute, has turned her years of experience as a wedding planner into Luxe. Her vision is to provide every bride, no matter her size, with the once in a lifetime event of choosing the dress that's perfect for her. Luxe carries beautiful gowns from a collection of bridal designers who really know a woman and her curves: James Clifford, Essence of Australia, Jacquelin Exclusive, and C.C. Elaine- Feme Luxe.

I had a chance to preview the boutique before it's official January 4th launch, and I was so impressed by the store's space (luxuriously appointed with antique furniture befitting the historical Semple Mansion in which it resides); the selection of dresses (available in a variety of price ranges, styles and sizes ranging from 14-28); but most of all I was impressed with Shayna. She's genuine, warm and has an amazing knack for choosing the right dress for the right woman.

Shayna asked me to model one of her gorgeous dresses on Twin Cities Live this week. Part of the experience was to attend a dress fitting with the other models. I couldn't help but notice how each model's dress not only fit her body type, but it seemed to capture each woman's personality and style. Every look was different and absolutely perfect - from the cut of the dress to the curve of the clutch bag it was paired with.

Here are a few pictures that I snapped during the fitting. The fitting rooms are incredibly spacious and cozy, with plenty of room for you, several gowns and an entire peanut gallery to cheer you on as you try on dresses.

(This is not the dress I ended up wearing on Twin Cities Live...but it sure was gorgeous!)

For a more in-depth look at Luxe Bridal Couture, including a selection of gowns and accessories, watch this clip from Twin Cities Live.


  1. Oh wow! That gown is just so lovely! :)

  2. What a great concept! I cannot wait to visit Luxe and hopefully find the dress of my dreams!

  3. Let me know if you do go there, Jayne - I hope Shayna gets you into the perfect dress. :)


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