Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

Dan told me this morning that my outfit is kind of "50's poodle-y." I'm quite sure he did not mean that I look like a poodle, so I'm taking this as a compliment.

This 1950's-esque outfit came together piece by piece. I knew I was going to wear the skirt, which Tina sent me last week, but wasn't exactly sure how. I pulled my hair up into a bouncy ponytail because, frankly, it was a little limp and I didn't feel like pulling out the styling tools. The skirt looked best with a top tucked in...and a large belt..and voila! Suddenly it's time do the bunny hop or something.

Here's a close up on my earrings which may actually be from the 1950's. They were my Great Grandma Midge's.

The Outfit:
Clip on earrings - Great Grandma Midge
Boatneck tee- Target
Belt- Lane Bryant Outlet
Gingham skirt- from TinaKitten heels - Payless


  1. Haha I agree with @Dan. You seem to be channeling the 50s. Its cute!

  2. I love it. And I would love to see it with a short sleeved top and a cardi. You look fabulous.

  3. Full skirt, wide belt, my Mother's earrings -- trade the tee for a buttoned cardi with a little white collar and put on some white socks with turned-down cuffs. You would be circa 1958.

  4. I love the look! The belt make sit perfect. I agree: You just need white turn-cuff socks and cute saddle shoes. :)

  5. Love the outfit. I like it with the kitten heels. Your grandmother had good taste with those earrings!

  6. That skirt is amazing! You look ladylike, proper and I bet it twirls like mad!

  7. Thanks, DaniellaBella- it definitely DOES twirl. :)

  8. This is definitely 50's but in a totally awesome way!

  9. I think it's great when you can take a retro look and still make it fresh and new. This looks awesome on you.


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