Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

Look! I got a new pair of jeans. That brings my current total pair of jeans to...2. Hurray!

I paired my new jeans with an older favorite tank and a new tuxedo jacket. Check out the shiny lapels.

The jeans and jacket came from Gap this weekend. Did you happen upon the crazy "50%-off-already-clearance-priced-items sale?" It was a complete surprise to me - in the best possible way!

Now, Gap is a tough place for me to shop. The overall aesthetic is right up my ally- tailored with feminine details. However, the folks at Gap do not design for my curvy body. Their clothes are by and large intended for women who lack a butt, hips and breasts (or at least the ratio in which those features appear on my body). That's just the way it goes - not every retailer designs for every body type. So I go in, try on anything made of stretchy fabric and call it a day.

Except those jeans...Gap jeans are a tough fit for me, too. But this pair was calling my name from the clearance rack. They're an even, dark wash (no fading or whiskery accents), they're LONG which is hard to find in stores, and I just generally adore them. They're also 2 sizes larger than I typically wear at other stores. Which is a great lesson. Who cares what the tag says if a garment fits? Don't go into a store and grow discouraged if your usual size doesn't fit. Just size up and get on with the business of looking fantastic.


  1. Great outfit! I know what you mean about the sizing. I have clothes in three different sizes in my closet! I guess it all depends on the brand and style.

  2. I went to the Gap yesterday too. I love it when they do 50% off the sale items. I got some great basics. Yay for a great sale.

  3. Yay for a new pair of jeans! Until a couple of weeks ago, I only had 1 pair as well. Now I have 4 and it's Heaven!

    You are 100% spot on about sizing. Just wear what fits! And if the size label offends your vanity (which I totally get) then cut the sucker out and pretend it's whatever size makes you happy!

  4. so cute! i absolutely love your style - i could wear this at work and feel totally polished and put together.

    i've always been afraid to shop at the Gap, but with their mad crazy sales going on right now, i may have to check them out. i've been searching for a pair of dark wash jeans like that.

  5. I'm with you - screw the tag and wear what fits. So glad you were able to double your jean wardrobe!

    Also, please tell me all about your eyeliner. It looks great!

  6. Great-looking jeans and overall, what a great look!

    I too find that sizing means nothing sometimes!

  7. I normally can't wear GAP either, but this? Looks fabulous on you!

  8. Sizing is such a funky thing! It's obnoxious. I really really want some Gap jeans, though. I hear so many great things about them!!! :)

  9. Another installment of gorgeous! To quote my dad, "Buy fit, not size." I've tried to hold true to this most of my life and it's paid off! Thanks for bringing that reminder to other women!

  10. Those jeans are a great find. GAP used to be my quintessential place for jeans but, then they stopped making the ones I like briefly and I move on to LOFT which I'm likin as well.g


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