Friday, January 21, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that my friend Tina sent me a big box of clothes that she'd accumulated and ended up not working out for her. She had lots of really cute pieces that I can't wait to show you; the first of which is this sweater dress. This is the dress that prompted her to put together a package for me - I'd mentioned how much I want one but hadn't been able to find the right. Lucky for me, she had the right one sitting in her closet!

I played it pretty safe for this first wearing, opting for my lime green scarf shot through with silver threads and leggings. I have lots of ideas for future wearings, though. I also wore my cocktail ring which got me thinking...I should get more cocktail rings! Funny how you can suddenly attach to something and decide, 'Yes...I need more of this in my life.'

The Outfit:
Gray cableknit sweater dress - Old Navy Plus (via Tina)
Green scarf- from my friend, Beth
Black leggings - Lane Bryant
Suede booties - Payless
Silver bangles - Karma
Cocktail ring - gift from Lane Bryant


  1. SO CUTE! I love a sweater dress but have never found a good one for my body shape. This is amazeballs on you.

  2. I want a sweater dress so bad, but I am apple shaped. i am not sure that is the dress for me.

  3. Very cute! I especially love the ring and green scarf!

  4. Thanks for validating my sweater dress obsession, guys!

    You know, I'm wondering if a longer length might work for you Leslie. Or a heavier knit?

  5. That sweater dress looks great on you. I love sweater dresses, but they can be hard to pull of well.

  6. I had forgotten how much taller you are than I am. If I remember, that comes almost down to my knees.

  7. I'm short and apple shaped... So longer may make me shorter LOL. I can't win.


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