Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

I had fun mixing up a few patterns with today's outfit. Despite the fact that I have stripes, a floral-esque pattern (in the red sash) and a sorta-animal print all playing together, this works because the two main patterns are within the same color pattern. They're also grounded with the black cotton cardigan which helps tie it all together. I felt pretty saucy walking around all day in this one.

The Outfit:

Striped tee - Apt 9
Black cotton blazer- Old Navy
Printed ponte knit skirt- Lane Bryant
Red sash- Target
Gray flats- Payless
Mixed metal necklace- Lane Bryant
Black metal bracelet - Lia Sophia


  1. That is a great mix of patterns! The floral in the belt is super subtle but, I can just catch a glimpse of it in the photo.

  2. I have this same skirt (it's such a great skirt, isn't it?!), and I keep trying to mix it with another pattern in my wardrobe, but I haven't found the right thing yet. I LOVE it with a striped shirt. This is a great look!

  3. What a great mix! You really look cute!

  4. I love the pop of red! The sash pulls it all together.


  5. I just bought this skirt...on sale too! Great outfit.

  6. Love this look & I'm a total sucker for stripes and the odd pop of red!

  7. Love the way you mixed and matched to come up with your own look -sauce, for sure!

    We've taken the liberty to tweet this OOTD on 1/29 @ 20.


    The Lane Bryant Social Media Team

  8. I own those gray flats too and they're one of my favorites!

  9. Ack! Somehow I missed this post. LOVE the print mixing here, esp. with that pop of red. And you have given me yet another great way to wear that skirt!

    Surely Sonsy


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