Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Everyday Bombshell

Instead of starting with the entire outfit today, I'm going to first show you my favorite part of what I'm wearing:

In getting dressed today, I started with the purse. It was a Christmas present, and I've got to say this bright blue leather bag makes me smile. As for the rest of the outfit?

Not bad, either. I felt especially saucy in my booties. I might have even caught myself strutting once or twice throughout the course of the day.

The Outfit:
Purse- Tignanello Perfect 10 Studded Shopper
Long sleeved black tee- Merona
Denim zip up dress- Lucie Lu
Black leggings - Lane Bryant
Print print scarf- Old Navy
Black fold-over booties- Payless


  1. Oooh I love that bag. I love a brightly colored purse.
    ~HG (www.hgspot.wordpress.com)

  2. Just as an FYI.. you may already know. Torrid is have 20 bucks off some of their boots. I finally got my knee high boots! woo!

  3. Whoo hoo on new boots! Thanks for the tip, Leslie. And congrats on snagging your pair.

  4. I just love that handbag, especially the color! (Another addiction I have, besides shoes: purses. Lol.)

  5. Oh, that bag is beautiful! I love a great pop of color!

  6. I can see why that purse makes you smile. GORGEOUS!!

  7. Way cute bag. Love it! This post actually brings up a good "Dear Bombshell" question for me. So, last year, Lee bought me a cobalt blue, small, patent leather Coach bag with light tan leather straps. I love it, but I don't carry it much since it feels fancier than what I wear normally. I know Lee would love it if I used it more. What is your take? Is it okay to carry a fancy little bag on an average day knowing the type of dresser I am?

    Thanks, my Bombshell Beauty friend, for your advice.

  8. Excellent question, Kimmers! One 'Dear Bombshell' post coming up, with your name on it.

  9. I've seen that Tactum dress by Lucie Lu on some many people and everyone ended up looking nothing less than fabulous with you included. I think it is a great shape. I am seriously considering investing in one since they have a few tactum dresses now in different prints.

    Whoever gave you that purse made a good choice to diverse from the boring black and it is not a shade that is difficult to wear with too!

  10. Thanks, Merry Traveller- I highly recommend the Tatum dress. It's soo comfortable and stylish. Such an easy thing to toss on during a busy morning.


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